Season 3 Fulgore video guide/tutorial for all skill levels

In this thread, I would like it to stay short and sweet. Videos on tech is ok but I would prefer it to be learning tools rather than style points. We want to cover basic things, and situations that happen a lot or character specific traits that make Fulgores better players or an idea on how to maximize his potential. As an example of what I would like in this thread, I will be making a meter management video tonight.

Above all, just keep it simple. I want all the information here to be applicable at all levels with some practice.

Videos are great, but also explain the situations for your information. So if you post things that are matchup specific, make sure you note that. Every detail helps :ghost:

@SightlessKombat I know you were looking for some Fulgore stuff a while ago, I will be slowly filling up this topic with Fulgore specific information. You’re welcome to use any information from here just tag me :yum:

Main Guide:

Meter Management:

Some Advanced Juggle Tech: But as I have stated, his juggle potential isn’t much. Without using heavy buttons or being in the corner, you’ll only connect a few hits into a cash out for low damage. I still prefer to use the juggles to build up my spin speed. Nonetheless, these were the most creative juggles I could come up with that didn’t rely on counter breaker bait to get more damage from. They are purely juggles into a their own cash out. Enjoy! I do particularly like the teleport one :slight_smile:


Thanks for the mention, much appreciated. I’ll keep my eye on this as people add to it, if I can and maybe add some info of my own.

Meter Management is up. I will be putting the videos in the original post itself, but updating when they are added. That way they will all be easy to find.

On the meter build I agree: I often use it to monitor my well being in the match, I’m at a point where I have to rely on Instinct to get my meter. I’m not doing well and thus I have to change my habits against whom ever I am fighting.

Amazing guide Sullen!

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On a side note, Jeffron I just realized something HUGE from the S3 changes. Fulgore got more hidden buffs hehe :slight_smile: So, combo breakers no longer knock your character down. So that means Fulgore no longer loses 50% of his spin speed because of a combo breaker knockdown! That’s golden!

awesome guides man, i still managed to pick up on a few things that i wasnt aware of or thought about. thank you! its my personal wish that Fulgore would see active tech threads like the other 2 characters i play (hisako and mira). so its hard to come by since nobody is posting on here except stuff like lore or whatever

I’m slowly working on more, it seems to be getting well reviewed this time, so I might stick around. Content will be added as I discover new categories to add, and other people are more than welcome to post things too! I’m just covering most of the introductory things.

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yeah man, if i ever come up with anything ill be sure to post it up and share. im no lab rat, all i can do is convey things that i experience and how i handle certain situations with hopes that somebody can make use of that information. anything that will cause new ideas to form or maybe some undiscovered tech can be found. there has to be more fellow fugbot players on here, i just wish they werent so shy to post things! we cant be the only ones lol

We are the only ones lol. They should have moved the stuff from the old forums here. Fulgore tech hasn’t changed since S1. Only a few new bits and pieces.

Nice vids sullen! Really liked em all, I learned sum things off em I didn’t know abour and that’s cuz all I play is fulgore so imagine those who dont

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I’m curious what things you learned :slight_smile:

those wall splat set ups into search and destroy were nice, i need to apply these to get easier access to the reactor spin chain. that was neat stuff, i hadnt thought about that and the use of his new st.FK has escaped my notice

This doesn’t need a video as it is easy to explain. If you land a St HK in neutral for a wall splat, you can follow it up with a normal, or even a round house, then a light or medium laser, a manual of any strength as it appears to be your opener, into another wall splat that doesn’t blow out. I might make a small clip on it if I find anything else creative with it.

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