Season 3 for PC

I am planning in getting season 3 for PC, but I do not have an XBOX or have previously own any XBOX or an XBOX account. I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a place where I can pre-order the PC version of the game. I see the pre-orders are open but when I go to the site I only find the XBOX One version.
  2. Is there going to be any monthly cost to be able to play online for the PC version?
  3. When you buy the PC Version, are you buying only season 3, or the whole game. If it is only season 3, is there a way to buy season 1 and 2 for PC?
  1. pre-order via xbox website, buying the game is the same regardless of what your playing it on, its just unlocked on your live account
  2. nope, all free on PC
  3. you can buy any Killer Instinct content you want from the xbox website and it will be unlocked on your live account regardless if you log in from PC or Xbox one.

you can buy any individual character for $5
for $20 you can buy season 1,2 or 3 combo packs with 8 characters each ($60 for all 3 giving you all the characters)
or for $40 you can buy the season 1,2 or 3 ultra editions wich come with 8 characters +all skins for those characters ($120 for all 3).

it really just depends if you want the full game($60), or if you just want to try 1 or 2 particular characters.

A few more things:

Expect to end up getting an Xbox account for KI. Or a Microsoft account or some other equivalent on the Windows 10 store. KI is cross-play/buy/save between Win10 and Xbox One, you have one account across both versions. Don’t expect KI to show up on any other storefront.

Apparently pricing info is meant to land today, I think it’s been said or at least implied that there will be bundle offers for the sake of on-boarding PC players. Don’t expect to be able to buy into any of those offers pre-launch.

My advice to you would be to simply download the game for free when it launches, satisfy yourself that it’s in sufficient working order, and then think about buying things at that point. The only reason not to do so is if there are any deals going pre-launch that are too good to pass up.

The season 2 ultra edition discount might still be going for Xbox Live Gold members, and you can currently subscribe to Gold for $1 for a month, so you could buy into that deal for whatever the discounted price is (60-70% off of the regular $40 price?) +$1 for Gold, then cancel the Gold subscription. But maybe the upcoming pricing will have better bundle deals going than that.

Thanks a lot FullMetalSnorlax, Fnrslvr!
I was kinda confuse about the XBOX and PC versions, this really helps. I will probably get an XBOX account in the future. I think I will end up buying the full game(all three for $60), if there is not any special bundle coming up. Thanks!
If I buy the 3 for 20 each, do you know if it will include Shadow Jago?

Shadow Jago isn’t included.

Shadow Jago is subject to some wonky exclusivity constraints which are in place for historical reasons: he was made as an exclusive skin, then casuals cried out for a moveset for him, then the devs made one for him in exchange for people coming up with $100,000 to fill tournament pots. Subsequently he has been made available on the store twice: once for $20 with $20 worth of KI gold (in-game microtransaction currency) during the tournament fund, where all of that $20 went into the fund; and once over December and January when Shago’s moveset launched, for $10 and bundled with $10 of KI gold.

You could find a code for him, or a $60 day 1 card (1 year of Xbox Live Gold + Shago code), on ebay or maybe in a shop somewhere, but the devs have said Shago will show up in the store again from time to time, and it’d be lunacy for him not to show up during the PC launch. He might pop up as part of a full game bundle for the sake of PC players, he might go onto the store for $10 with the KI gold bundled in again, he might show up as a separate character for $5 like a regular individual character purchase, etc. We don’t know yet. Hopefully there’s been enough blowback from the exclusivity nonsense that MS and IG see some sense, realize that they can’t have exclusivity on a proper unique character, and just end the exclusivity.

On the news page they just announced a that PC users can buy all of the games content for $50 in one purchase.
(not including shadow Jago)

Glad to finally see the pricing options. I’m asking for a friend of mine but he already bought S1 of KI only but didn’t buy S2. I guess the best option would be to buy just S2 and S3 separately?

S2 Combo Breaker + S3 Combo Breaker is $40; S2 Ultra + S3 Ultra is $80. The Supreme Edition for PC is $50 and contains everything from both of the aforementioned Ultra Editions, as well as all the stuff from S1 Ultra Edition if he only has the Combo Breaker pack. S3 Ultra and Supreme also get the final 4 characters a week earlier – crappy artificial incentive, I know, but it is what it is – and some XP-related stuff to attenuate the dull XP grind, which means more cosmetics faster. Also that 18K of KI Gold that they’re throwing in with S3 Ultra/Supreme can apparently be spent on unannounced stuff, most likely cosmetic.

I’d say go with Supreme unless he doesn’t think a whole lot of cosmetics are worth $10.

we’d have to go with supreme regardless, as the Combo Breaker for all 3 seaons is somehow the same prices as Ultra for all 3 seasons

Yeah, Supreme is cheaper than all three Combo Breakers, even, so if you’re looking to pick up everything (or even, like, half the things) then Supreme is by far your best option. I was just addressing someone who already had season 1, who…is still best off getting Supreme, imo.

Yeah, supreme seems as the better choice by far. I’m glad they came up with a bundle like this. It would have suck to buy them individually. Now lets just hope for Shago to come back for $10.

That makes a lot of sense. Thankfullly when I asked him if he had bought S1 already he said no that he got it for free when he bought his XBOne. So it’s nice to know that the Supreme Edition will be the same price as just buying any other regular game. He’s going to get it it seems.