Season 3 Dojo - Broken?

Im not sure if given the changes to juggling the dojo has been affected, but in the Advanced Lesson on Juggling, I’m expected to do the following combo:
c.HP > light Windkick > Instinct Cancel > Double Roundhouse … etc.

However, I can’t get past the double roundhouse as, whenever I Instinct cancel and do Double Roundhouse, I end up going under the opponent, he falls behind me, and I end up kicking thin air.

Ive tried doing all of the moves faster or slower to see if itll connect but either the enemy hits the ground before my Double Roundhouse comes out, or I pass under him as he is suspended in the air.

Am I doing something wrong or is this broken?

I’m having the same problem! I thought I was crazy, sheesh!

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No, I’m pretty sure I’ve passed this Dojo Challenge. It’s not broken but I’m pretty sure the timing for the combo changed in Season 3. You just have to time it correctly.

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I managed to do this but it took forever, the timing can be pretty tight and it’s all dependent on how close he is to you on the way down. I trial and errored brief pauses in between the instinct cancel and the double roundhouse, and I think in between the c.HP and light windkick

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Its just really hard! Try buffering your moves as early as possible. also try using negative edge if you can.

the last one is the only 1 I cant finish. I was 1 hit away from finishing it after what seemed like 100 tries and i gave up.

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I’m having trouble with 30 and 32 myself. Other than that I really enjoy dojo, I still suck ■■■ at the game but that’s because I lack the time to learn someone. I wish other characters had a dojo though even of they have less lessons than Jago, it would be nice learning how to use Cinder properly for example.

I’ve been struggling with lesson 18 as well, but I actually don’t remember having to do a light windkick in an anti-juggle punish. Maybe there are different dojo versions between PC and Xbox?? i’m really curious about this. I have the PC version. I think i remember having to do c.HP Endo ShadowEndo… and I remember having to do c HP Instinct, double roundhouse, shadow laser sword, tiger’s fury. The last one wasn’t too hard, i found, except it took me a long time cause i find forward>down>down forward to be a really difficult input. The one that really made me walk away in frustration, was doing cHP into endokuken… I wish the game had explained to me the timing and how canceling moves works… Earlier in the lessons, they have the cpu demo something for you so you know what the combo is supposed to look like, but on something really trvial. I don’t know why they didn’t do that for this at least. Also, what might really make it easier to understand is if they pause time for some of the more challenging lessons on timing like they did when you first learn how to combo break.

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I agree 1000% It would be really nice to learn the game mechanics while also getting familiar with your future character’s inputs

Dojo is tough for me but a good learning experience. Yeah sucks it’s only Jago but despite that I’m getting a better understanding of the combo system.

Oh my god.

After trying almost 3X times, i finally succeeded (jungle part)

Tips for it: don’t let you go too far on L Wind Kick.
Do HP, then Wind Kick/instinct as fast as you can, if do it greatly, you’ll catch the Hell round.

32 is actually the only one in having trouble with.
For me after I pop instinct the next part is opener, auto or manual (?), linker.
But as far as I can tell it treats what should be an opener as an auto (I think, currently afk).
Regardless it means the dojo views it as an incorrect input.
Maybe I’m messing up somehow (likelihood is high), but I’ve looked at videos of other people doing it and their animations are definitely different to mine.