Season 3 discount

Now that the first season ultra edition is free. People who paid for it should get a discount on season 3

It’s only available as free for a month. Anyone who picks it up on February 1st or later will have to pay for it. Not only that, but I’ve personally had it for over a year and half and I’m perfectly fine with people getting it free. I’m sorry you’re not.

@CausingThought6 Yeah, Ziarist is right. Discounts don’t work quite like that and they never have. Companies don’t reward those who buy early with further discounts; they discount their products to entice more people into buying it (or by extension, since it’s free, buying other things that they sell). It’s all part of marketing. The reward you get for buying early, is the product itself - you get to use it long before anybody else who doesn’t buy it does.

I’ve used this same logic for the console itself - many people have made your same argument in regards to it. For example, I was an early adopter and paid a lot of money to get the console shortly after it 1st released. This, in turn, gave me whole enture years to play and enjoy the games that I wanted long before anyone who, say, got the console this year cheaper, with a bigger HDD and a free game or 2, or Kinect sensor. Sure, they get more out of it and for cheaper, but they don’t get to have months on end of fun or play the newer games while they’re still in their prime where everyone is still learning how to play it (this is especially true for fighting games where tech is still being figured out - getting the game early, puts you on the forefront of that rather than coming in not knowing anything and being completely dominated by numerous players that have been playing the game already for years).

Asking for a reward for something you bought AFTER you bought it is basically just selfish, self-entitlment (no offense) and is often frowned upon by the community at large.

…and don’t get me wrong; there may be rewards for long-standing members or consumers, but it’s usually pretty rare. A good example of this, is the Free Games with Gold promotion itself - the longer a member you have been, the more opportunities you’ve had to pick up free games each month - I myself am already in the hundreds because of this, whereas someone who just recently became a gold member may only have 1, 2, or 3 new free games (but have missed the opportunity to get so, so many others). The cool thing is, that, when companies do do this, it’s usually pretty good for those involved. However, it’s also a catch-22 - the newer consumers could also argue “but why don’t I get all of those other free games!?” but you don’t often see or hear them do that, because it’s not a feasible or even logical argument - ironically, it’s almost exactly the same kind of argument you’re trying to make now, but from the opposite end of the spectrum, if you catch my drift. :wink: