Season 3 details?

-How are characters being released? Monthly like we are used to? I know an insider who said that is NOT the plan.

-What new modes are in Season 3 (tomorrow and future)?


i did want to ask you something since ki is on windows store wil i be able to mod easy i will have to work my away around windors store to mod :confused:

Proof was I asked the same question about a month ago on the KI Ultimate Fans FB page. One of the “Insiders” who helps with events said this. Maybe it was misinformation, which is why I asked.

Also, I didn’t think it made sense, because it hasn’t been that way for 2 whole seasons. I like monthly updates.

Some clarification would be appreciated.

4 characters (Rash, Arbiter, Kim-Wu and Tusk) at launch and then the remaining 4 most likely (bi)monthly.

I’ve got a question for rukizzel. How does crossplay work exactly? Are you able to toggle crossplay? Is there an indicator of what system the other person is playing on?

You play against people online on either platform.
Yes, you can. There will be an option to prevent you from matchmaking with PC players.
No, and one isn’t necessary.

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