Season 3 Cross Buy Issue

So I bought Killer Instinct Season 3 Combo Breaker for PC and I have had no problem playing those characters there.

A few days later, I hoped back onto my Xbox One so I can play with friends and I find out that I need to repurchase the S3 because it says I haven’t bought it yet.

Can anyone help me out in this situation because I’m not going to buy the same pack twice, even thought they said this is cross buy.

Did you use the same Microsoft account?

Yup. I only have one.

Had to check. What if you go into the game’s options on your Xbox (not the game hub, the other page that shows you all your DLC, where you can delete your saves and so on) - does that show the DLC for download? Or if you look them up in the store manually (the pack or the individual characters), do you have to buy then or can you just install them right away?

There is nothing on my Game Add-Ons for KI and when I go to the Individual characters store pages it still says I have to pay $5 for them.


“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Seriously, though, check out the general PC issues threads. If this bug is not there, you should add it (or link to this thread). Just don’t buy anything again for now, if you own it on one system, you own it, just a matter of getting it fixed.

Sometimes there is an annoying bug where if you buy the pack, sometimes the chars don’t show.

People explained in the past that if you individually download each char, you wouldn’t encounter the bug anymore.

Because you downloaded the pack, the chars associated with the pack are free. To download each char, go to the Killer Instinct page where you buy games on the Xbox One and download each char individually. See if that fixes your problem. You don’t have to repurchase anything.