Season 3 Combo breaker pack

Hi all I’ve just seen the pricing details in regards to season 3 and I went straight onto the Xbox store and can’t see the combo breaker pack for sale,when does it come available to purchase.

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Launch. (i.e. 29th.)

Isn’t it available now for purchase like the ultra edition.

Nope, apparently that’s the preorder option.

It shouldn’t matter, though. You should just download the game at launch, and decide what to purchase then.

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Thanks for the info I just thought it was strange having the ultra edition there for purchase and not the combo breaker pack.
I guess I will just have to download the combo pack on the 29th!

So… it’s march 29th… and no combo breaker pack…

It’s due out 8am PDT/4-5pm GMT so just wait and keep checking the store that’s what I’m currently doing.