Season 3 characters unavailble and gold disappeareance

Dear Developers:

I just found out all my gold disappeared and all the season 3 characters are unplayable.
but i have actually purchased the season 3 ultra edition almost 1 year ago!
i tried to log out and log in back but it still the same. also Loading times from ultratech server are of biblical lenght and not work.

Help me please!

thank you!

Can you say in which version is this happening to you? (Xbox, PC,?)

Hi RagedMean436 and thank you for your prompt reply.

It was happening on Xbox one. I trued again today and was all fine like nothing ever happened…really strange.

Also is worth mentioning that 2 weeks before the game kept crashing at launch, i brushed it off as not something big (had this problem quite few time already and i know sometimes all it take is restart the Xbox).
Eventually the game started but without all season 3 characters and 0 KIgold.

best thing was i was introducing this game to my GF as potential game to play together.

Ps.I’ve always played the most update version of KI

Please be sure to report this in the Official Bug Reporting Thread. That’s the best way to make sure the devs see it!

Awesome! thans man. :slight_smile: