Season 3 Aesthetic

From Season 1 to Season 2 we have seen a huge visual change from a very rustic, raw, metal look, to a very polished technological and even somewhat child friendly appearance, with plenty of colour and contrast.

In Season 3 I would like to see a change back to the old art style of everything being rustic, metal, violent, and brutal, as opposed to the more clean look season 2 brought. I think that this more aggressive style is more KI, as it is gritty and dirty just like the gameplay (speaking in terms of art and style, such as the animations, and not the actual mentality of the combat).

I would also like to see a bit more of a darker tone to the menus and a more violently energetic announcer, as well as more brutal sound effects. (This isn’t to say to re-do the sound effects but rather to rebalance them)

Even some animations could use a bit of touching up, to remove some of the “Goofy-ness” to KI but retain the aggressive raw edge, more so seen in the EVO build of KI, when it was just Jago, Wulf, and Glacius.

as seen here:

the colour back then was a little different, and the gameplay was a bit more shocking, attacks had so much weight and impact to them, and the announcer was amazing. This is what drew people to KI and I think Season 3 should return to this, or at least commemorate it

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I believe with each season, we are going to see a progressively changing user interface visually reflecting that particular season’s tone. Unfortunately @MonsieurDerp, I don’t see them regressing. If you watch the Rash Trailer, pay close attention to when it fades to the KI Logo. The KI emblem has an ethereal and ghostly glow. I feel like the next season will be centered around a more mythic lore, hence the dawn of Gargos. Who knows what ghastly creatures will arise from this alternate dimension…

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