Season 2 Memories

it’s been a long time since season 3 came out, and season 2 left a major memory for me, in this case was the Quad Ultra combo with Orchid, you can see them all in this video here

what were your Favorite Moments in Season 2?

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Riptor and Cinder’s reveal. The day Cinder came out was the day the original team JEFFRON27 (Fulgore,Cinder,Riptor) finally became whole. And to my memory, I enjoyed the ■■■■ out of their designs.

Riptor being a cybernetic dinosaur with plasma claws? that was literally right up my ally when I was worried she’d just look like a giant murder chicken.

However the devs took their own spin on that and while I didn’t like the extending tail that much I got use to it.

Cinder’s design was pretty awesome mask on or off I liked the aesthetics on him. He looked like the literal sun with metal put on with the flares and the fact that his fire matched the color you were using was a big A+

So Cinder and Riptor returning was one of the most fond moments I ever had of KI Season2 and by far one of my favorite seasons from that alone.

Only thing that sucked really was I talked waaay to much trash to my brother when Cinder was teased…unfortunately that in turn came up cause he totally beat my ■■■ and the MU was the absolute hardest for me as Cinder, but recently I’ve gotten better and can fight 50/50 with my sibling.

That and Fulgore getting nerfed up the butt in S2 but thankfully because of my playstyle with Fulgore the changes didn’t affect me too much. Even though my hate for Sadira did grow three sizes that day…

Mines were all Riptor for season 2

Now I could play as all 3 of my favorite charcters Glacius, Sabrewulf and Riptor
Like @Jeffron27 said I too got use to how the tail was, but its like he also said, things needed explanation.

The best part is, I passed all my classes on that day with A’s and B’s and the best part isRiptor comming out was like my reward for passing and as an early Christmas gift for that year.

and then there was this momment in the trailer. This moment was why that part of TJ’s theme was my favorite in the song.

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