Season 2 Jago vs. USF4 Ryu

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I just wanted to have a bit of fun, and do a mini versus thread…

Jago (season 2) vs. Ryu (USF4)


Shadow Jago (the unreleased version) vs. Evil Ryu (USF4)

What I want to see is people’s opinion of this match, but not just from a lore/story perspective, but more from a gameplay mash-up perspective.

If these two characters were in the same game, but had the same toolset that they have now, who would win the footsie battle? Who hits harder? Who would win the most matches out of 10?

Well, from a gameplay mashup perspective, most of the time I’d say KI characters are going to win. Since Ryu has no combo breaker mechanic, and Jago does, and KI’s combo mechanic system allows for big combos with lots of damage under the right conditions, KI characters would be OP. Now if you give a combo breaker to Ryu, you might have a less one-sided fight, but it’s still one sided.

While armor attacks are useful in many instances, there is really only so much armor can do, so the focus attack is a huge gamble against most shadow attacks, especially Jago’s. Also given that Jago’s Shadow wind kick has good reach and fireball invincibility, Ryu could easily be punished in his zone game, and I’ve seen the hitboxes on the SF characters. Jago’s attack box extends out fairly far from his body with his vulnerable box fairly behind it, while Ryu’s attack and vulnerable boxes tend to overlap in a way that Jago’s wind kick flat out wins, no chance for trade or being beat out.

Also given the reach of some of his normals and his overhead into combo strats, frame traps and other things, Jago in terms of gameplay is pretty hard to beat. Unless Ryu is given context within the KI gameplay system (which I’ve assumed he’s not), it’s a pretty lop-sided fight.

Lore wise, giving it to Ryu. Not saying it wouldn’t be close, but I’m giving it to Ryu, he has an age, an experience and a personal tie to humanity and friendship to Ken and others, and more often than not, that hope and compassion lends strength to a man. Jago is one of those who is in the middle of change, and is a struggling fighter who is dealing with a great deal of betrayal from within his own ideals. The very Tiger Spirit he once lived for is in fact his own worst enemy. He’s at a disposition in which his struggles are consuming him and bringing him down somewhat. Although given by Season 2 the demon within is now casted and goes by the name Omen, he may be a better man for it.

Tough call…


Well said. In a lore perspective, I would give the fight to Jago. I could go into why, but I feel it’s not needed at the moment. Jago seems more hardened, and I think he’s more straight to the point, ending it quick. The only Ryu in my eyes that would give Jago a great fight is post SF3. Any younger, and he would get molly whopped.

That BRAKE down was awesome and filled me up with joy reading it. Even though I’m a Ryu fan and cannot stand fighting against a seasoned jago player, I think your analysis is vary accurate.
Thank you. KI HYPE!

From a realistic persoective, Jago’s sword vs Ryu’s blocking arm = massive blood loss ROFL. However, from a gameplay perspective Jago is way faster. If Jago managed to jump over the Metsu Hadouken and follow up with a combo, the match would be over.

Easy…JAGO. Why? Ryu has never been that great in my opionion. Even as a kid i never picked Ryu to play with…I always used Ken. Ryu is just the epitome of boring.
But like the guy above said…Jago has a sword…Ryu has Padded Fighting gloves on.
Street fighter is not a “fight to the death” game…Killer instinct is “Mortal Kombat” LOL

They are not the same people? lol

They are fighting games, they are the generic ninjas and most balanced pick up and play characters.