Season 1 mural unobtainable achievement

Last achievement in Omen is completing the mural in season 1 which I just did… It is flag as unobtainable on TA and it never pop and as a completionist I’m a little frustrated. Do something about it please

i remember i had that achievement to 100%, but it only unlocked afther 6 months or so.
and i was playing forza. :smile:
don’t worrie, it wil unlock, sooner or later.

Thanks… 6 months later??
Well I hope it will unlock :frowning:

Try doing a full reset on your xbox. Hold power for 4 sec then unplug power cable for 15 sec. Plug it back in and turn it on. I have unlocked quite a few bugged achievements this way.

It might. It might not. Sadira’s quest is bugged as you can’t unlock the score at least 1600 points. It will either unlock the second or last Ending, never the first. I had the whole thing completed during year 1 and then got a critical glitch in year 2 after the Aganos release of which caused me to have to reset my entire profile to fix.

I unlocked every ending for every character in S1 and S2 and I still can’t get the Season 1 Mural Player Card background and I want it sooooooooooooooooooo bad :frowning:

You can unlock her first ending really easily. Try not to do so much shadow move without having bonus exp and it unlock. But don’t count on the achievement even if you complete it

Same thing for the 15 shadow record. Got 150 records and it still locked. Please correct you’re achievements!!!


it’s a common problem with a few games, not only KI.

Well I must admit I’m new with the One, but I’m an achievements hunter, and I never really got that much problem to unlock achievements before.

Thanks for having repair it in the today update! I love you!!!

But do you have difficulty with Gargos? You said it will be out the 27 and now it said it in one week??!

Oh Yeah! Only for ultra players…

Yeah I came to say it was fixed with Gargos update in case anyone didn’t know, I now have an awesome player card background and a new awesome background for my XB1 home screen :slight_smile:


Didn’t realize this was ten days ago, has that much time passed already? Damn lol