Season 1 Edition with S1 Shago in DE?

I own both retailed versions of KI for Xbox One, and just thought Id share an interesting thing I found. (More positive than my last post)

Now the Combo Breaker pack, if never updated, will send you directly to the original Season 1, with old interface and select screen. Now, if you then put the Definitive Edition in your system, again while offline, once everything is installed go to KI. Upon launch it should load the same Season 1, except the original Shadow Jago is now fully playable, with the 2 color palettes and full on Jago clone action. That and 4 retro skins (Jago, Glacius, Orchid, and Sabrewulf) are now also usable. When you update the game to its current state though, this will be undone, and it will return to Season 3’s interface. Really weird, but I just wanted to share this little secret. If you’d like video proof, I would be happy to upload.