Search for ranked and casual matches whatever you're doing

I’ve been playing SFV lately and I absolutely love the ability to turn on searching for opponents wherever you are (menus, training mode, etc.). Additionally, I think it’s great that you can search for ranked, casual or both as you see fit. It would be awesome if you could do this in KI as well. I know I’d get a kick out of it, fooling around in training mode, and then picking my main if I got a ranked game, or one of my secondaries if I got a casual game. Would that be very hard to implement? At least the ability to search for matches from training mode?


Who knows? We might see it for S3. :wink:

Fingers crossed, but if it’s not already on the menu, it might not be too late to put it in right now. Hence my post. :slightly_smiling:

They should rename Exhibition to casual because that’s what it really is but people might think of Exhibition as something more higher tiered due to how powerful the word exhibition is. It’s 2016, simplify the game and call it casual mode.

Also if they do do that thing about starting a match anywhere it would mean getting rid of character select like we know it now. Could be good and bad, a lot of people on here like the character select and every now and then you see people complaining wanting rotating chracters. Starting from anywhere would end that type of character select. The good is that if they just make you pick characters from a list of names and colors the load times will be significantly smaller and it would hide some of the rough edges on the game.

An exhibition is an event that occurs with no prize-winnings whatsoever. So, I think the name is apt, considering that’s pretty much what happens, since you don’t go up in rank at all by playing that mode. You may be uncomfortable with the term itself, but it’s “casual” in every sense of the word.


Yeah this would be a great addition to the game. It would be nice to be able to sit in training mode or Shadow Survival and let the game search for an exhibition or ranked match while you do something else, and the ability to choose between what kind of matches you are looking for is awesome too.

I actually prefer Exhibition over casual. Maybe its just me but it seems the term “casual” has some kind of negative stigma attached to it in the FGC lol SFV calls them that and it works though, so I guess it depends on how the word is being used lol

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I don’t see why this would exclude character select; in fact, it’s my only gripe with the SFV system (I’d like to play one character in ranked and another in casual). Matchmaking is based on your account, not per character, so you could just go to the character select screen when a match was found, no problems there.

I would really like this feature; but I’d also like a Ranked search to require pre-selecting your character before the search starts (whether from the ranked menu or elsewhere) in order to avoid counterpicks.

Exhibition can remain a normal selection between the players.

I would like this feature as well. So sorry I didn’t think of it when filling out the survey.

I only thought of it when seeing a guy on Facebook complain about the difficulty of finding a promotion match (which he eventually did). I hardly go in Ranked, as I mostly play against AI (CPU or Shadow Lab), but I don’t mind being interrupted to help people advance (or knock them down).

Does Capcom have patent on this feature? I haven’t seen any non-Capcom fighting game (Skullgirls, MKX, GGRXD, BBCPE) implement it.

I’m actually a pretty big opponent of this idea. If Ranked is our “competitive” tier of play, then counterpicking is part and parcel of that level of play and should be allowed. People do counterpick in tournament and when they’re “serious”, and since Ranked is the closest thing we have online to emulating that level of competition, I think it’s valid to see it there.

On the flipside, it also allows me to pick “down” to the level of my opponent. I don’t necessarily want to have to run my main against a Bronze player with a level 4 Jago…that’s just mean :yum: