Sea of Thieves

You can now sign up to play Sea of Thieves early (on PC or XBL)! Simply head to to sign up!

I for 1 am excited about this game as I have always loved the idea of living the life of a pirate. Sailing out on the high seas with a magnificent ship and plundering booty (of more than 1 kind) and drinking to a good song while watching others walk the plank… What’s not to love!?

Are you excited for this game? Why?

I never even finished Assassins Creed Black Flag. The only thing I can think of in terms of living a Pirates Life is sea sickness. :smiley:

Captain Jack Sparrow… I am not…

However, if I could be a Sky Pirate and fly some crazy (defying the laws of physics) flying contraption like the Strahl from Final Fantasy XII (still my fav FF gave outside of FF8), that would be cool.

Signed up. I wonder which direction they will go. From early looks it appears to be a Minecraft/No Man’s Sky were you just make up your own fun with friends. Hope it isn’t that. I want actual missions, story, twists. I don’t know enough gamer people to even play with a crew irl.

I have plenty - you can borrow some of mine :wink:

Crossplay between Xbox and Windows announced at gamescom!