ScrewAttack's DEATH BATTLE!

At least some people should know and watch this series!

What was your favourite fight?
What fight do you think was correct in every way?
What fight do you think was wrong in every way?
Are you looking forward to watching Amy Rose VS Ramona Flowers (Next DB)?
What fight would you like to see?

Personally, for me:
CORRECT FIGHT: Cammy White VS Sonya Blade
WRONG FIGHT: Yoshi VS Riptor (ARIA’s new project is out there now…)
LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT DB: Eh, not a big fan of both, but rooting for Amy, I love the Sonic Franchise.

Favorite fight in terms of animation quality: Tony Stark vs Lex Luthor
Favorite match up wise: Dante vs Bayonetta
I couldn’t be any less interested in Amy Rose vs Ramona Flowers
Fight that went wrong: Zits vs Leonardo (don’t want to spoil it, but seriously?)

Fight I want to see: Hulk vs Doomsday, it’s been a long time coming

Favorite fight:

Correct fights:
.Cammy vs Sonya (it just made sense)
.Ken vs Terry (Terry beat geese…no more needs to be said)
.M. Bison vs Shao kahn (As a M. bison fan i still think he could not win maybe with his SF5 body he could do better?)
.Dr doom vs Darth Vader (Doom is simply a monster)
.Charizard vs Greymon (Pokemon vs Digimon)

Wrong fights:
.Scout vs Tracer (I can go on for hours why this fight was wrong)

Looking forward to the next one?:
.ehh not really…I like amy rose to an extent but i only saw the Scott pilgrim movie once and hated it so i don’t really care who wins but if i had to root for someone it would be Amy

Fights I want to see:
.Balrog vs T.J Combo (I would say its about even but Balrogs fists have killed people an elephants…yet mika takes a punch?..Ugh street fighter 5 story was shambles anyway)
.M. Bison vs Geese howard or Rugal (i think he beats geese but loses to Rugal)

  1. Fulgore v Sektor.
  2. Fulgore v Sektor.
  3. Goku v Superman and Yoshi v Riptor
  4. Lel no.
    I would like to see TJ v Balrog

FAVOURITE FIGHT: Deadpool VS Deathstroke
CORRECT FIGHT: Guts VS Nightmare
WRONG FIGHT: Scout Vs Tracer (So many things wrong with that one.)
FIGHT I’D LIKE TO SEE: Kage Maru VS Banderas

What was your favorite fight: Solid Snake vs. Sam Fisher
What fight do you think was correct in every way: Goku vs. Superman
What fight do you think was wrong in every way: Sonya vs. Cammy, i agreed with the result, but it just seamed sloppily put together.
Are you looking forward to watching Amy Rose VS Ramona Flowers (Next DB): Yes, but would have preferred Amy Rose vs. Harley Quinn
What fight would you like to see?: Spyro vs. Crash (Winner: Spyro), Ness vs. Frisk,Genocide Run (Winner: Frisk), Danny Phantom vs. Jake Long (Winner: Danny Phantom)

  1. Any fight with KI characters.

  2. As much as I dislike the outcome, Goku v Superman…both times.

  3. There are so many, it’s hard to pick, but on the basis that it should have never even been a fight because it’s such an odd mismatch, Starscream v Rainbow Dash

  4. Eh, yeah sure, always look forward to new fights.

  5. Gargos vs Shao Kahn, though I don’t know if there would be enough resources for them to research about Gargos, since he’s relatively unknown compared to Shao Kahn.

Favorite Fight: Don’t know. Yang vs. Tifa was really cool, though.
Correct Fight: Shao Kahn vs. M. Bison
Wrong Fight: Yoshi vs. Riptor (and Tracer vs. Scout, not because of the outcome but because of how the fight was choreographed/animated)
Looking Forward to Next DB: I love Sonic, I must watch.
Fights I’d like to see:
Jago vs. Ryu
Juri Han vs. Mileena
Quan Chi vs. Kan-Ra (even though Kan-Ra can’t die)
Homunculi (Fullmetal Alchemist 2003) vs. The Seven Deadly Sins (The Seven Deadly Sins)
Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) vs. Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
All I got for right now.

I made a funny…


That might be a fun fight, but neither combatant will probably have enough stuff to accurately measure their capabilities.

A lot of people were actually making that joke on Namco’s official trailer for Aswel, believe it or not.

They could always do one of those mini battles (if I recall it’s Death Battle X now, used to be 60-Second Melee). Those are just done for fun with no research whatsoever.