Thanks to Keits for an unbelievably powerful moveset and unique and menacing character to SILENCE those who whined Kim Wu was ‘boring’ and was the least liked KI2 character. It feels so good to have her fully formed and available to the updated franchise. Kim actually feels at home with the powerful Orchid Sadira Maya and Hisako.

Keep in mind this is from a mobile device running YouTube so the graphics are muddy and KI crisp details are smudgy in video capture

I LOVE the stage! i wish it had rain and night versions


my baby girl is BACK, watch out K.I. community, you just UNLEASHED the beast inside now

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She looks like a soul eater in the last picture.

Kim Wu’s stage looks amazing. I hope Orchid’s stage looks amazing with the new lighting engine.


Lol @BblackorchidD we need to find a way to get some Kim Wu merchandise. I need a Kim shirt in my life. XD

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We should make them!

Isn’t there a site where you can submit anything or a picture, and they will put it on a shirt and ship it out to you?

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Snaps from the KI CUP reveal on twitch

I can’t wait for Kim to come out, so I can take a screenshot on my Xbox, and Save as wallpaper. :smiley:

Yes! You could always snap a shot from Internet in the meantime!

why does kimm wu look like a fusion of Bruce Lee and Jubilee?

she was actually my co main in KI Gold… Jago!!! then Kim/Orchird

I want to see Kim in her Hero Art :slight_smile:


(in reference to the live cam in the corner) The camera was almost always tilted that direction, and I was on the opposite side, so I’m barely in any of the shots lol :cry: still, the hype was real.
Can’t wait for some Hero Art! I’ve always wondered why they stopped doing them for retros too…

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That stage tho!