Screenshot Challenge #3: Saint Patrick's Day!

I want to see your best Saint Paddy’s day screenshots! (Why do I feel like I’ll be seeing some green Orchids in here?)

Spread the word, tell a friend, etc. Looking forward to what you guys come up with! :slight_smile:


ARIA scanning Gargos just to make he’s really wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day. Can never be too sure around these interdimensional, planet corrupting Shadow Lords :thinking:

Although now I really want some leprechaun accessories for Omen


Would you say, Gargos was “green” with envy? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes little facts get mixed around about various holidays over the ages, like how Santa Claus became known for wearing red ever since Coca Cola began depicting him as such in their 1950’s ads, even though Saint Nick originally wore green. :santa:t2:

Well… Long before Saint Patrick was known for banishing the snakes from Ireland, it was actually the Blarney Stone who banished all of the dinosaurs from Ireland. (By Ultra-Comboing them to oblivion!) :t_rex::shamrock:



Orchid unfortunately fell for Maya saying “No, I’m telling you, they’re not daggers, they’re leeks, please, take a closer look!” She was jealous of Orchid’s perfectly green St. Patrick’s Day weapon skins, y’see. :wink:


Can’t believe that no one’s made a screenshot that takes advantage of the open treasure chest full of gold; pose rainbow Rash next to it, and you’ve got a killer St. Patrick’s Day pic right there! :rainbow::moneybag::frog:


Sadira just went all Matrix here. Yes… I did dodge the Shadow Searing Skull and yes I did win this match. :smiley:


This still a thing? I know it didn’t get many entries but I was still curious about it. Think there will be plans for some more of these challenges?