Screen tearing issue

For some reason I’m getting some screen tearing on the PC version and I’m not sure how to go about fixing it. This only occurs in fullscreen.

I’m not sure this is necessarily screen tearing and I couldn’t tell you what it is really but I was experiencing the same thing you were today after the 3.0.4 update. Felt like the game was slowing down or something while playing on 144hz even though they said they fixed it.

In fullscreen I was experiencing some screen tearing during intros and outros…and I also noticed some would go on sometimes on the Crash Site stage for whatever reason.

In windowed mode the issue goes away completely.

This was before the update, too.

I’d like to play in full screen, but it looks perfect in windowed, so well. It’s something that needs fixing or such. Especially since I guess the game can’t be put into NVIDIA control panel to fiddle with.