SCR Get Together For Casuals Thread

So who is coming to Cali for SCR? I am considering getting a room at a Best Western/nearest motel to the Esports arena so that we have a place to play and hang out in between tournaments, I will be bringing my Sentry with me so will be able to game even if all the stations are being used for tourney.

I’m mostly a NRS guy and this will be my very first KI tournament, so I’m looking forward to meeting any and as many members of the community as I can. My name’s Frank, Twitter handle is @franciscapra, gamertag is SE1Z3. If I get a response here, we can go from there and try to get a cool hangout going, wherever is most convenient.

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I will be in attendance. Look forward to seeing you there. Hopefully there are some casual stations available for warm ups.

who’s streaming SCR?