Scary Lightning Strikes

The ones at o:21 and 0:46 are just insane! :open_mouth:

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Scary indeed. But they’re very beautiful too! That last one was just gorgeous


Indeed. It never ceases to amaze me how both beautiful and terrifying Mother Nature can be :slight_smile:

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indeed so

heck if your at a very safe distance a tornado can look beautiful but for me its often scary to see. Sense I live in tornado alley.

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Jeez, you’re serious? Man that must be terrifying! How many have you seen out of curiosity?


Fortunately I’ve never been around one when it happens. Though we had moments where I was traveling with my parents and brother and we left this one area. It was already dark and stormy with lighting It was daytime but the sky was grey with the clouds making it black in the distance. But as soon as we left that area a tornado dropped so I never saw it. Now the area where I’m from Tornadoes almost never happen. last time it had one in the area itself was in the 70’s. But I wasn’t born yet.
last one we had happen in the outskirts. that was years ago though.

Needless to say the state wher e i’m form gets some of nastiest tornadoes and is even had some of the biggest and most infamous ones in history.

you will find at least 2 or 3 of them in this video.

Also if you wan tto know more on tornadoes check out this guys channel.


Dang, that’s some scary stuff! Thanks for the links! :slight_smile: