Scanning ourselves into the game

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No. I don’t want to see someone’s face while playing KI.

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The face scanning technology in Kinect sports rivals was really impressive. Probably the best bit of the game. However it has no place in KI in my opinion.

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Not to be rude OP but your joke threads aren’t funny anymore, no we don’t want capture the flag mode, no we don’t want a first person option and no we don’t want to scan our faces into the game.


No. Absolutely not.

Not to be rude Bryan, but I wasn’t joking.

With popular threads like suggesting a “jump meter” to limit in-game jumping to asking for the ability to pause live onilne matches, its kind of hard to take a wacky thread like this seriously.


Sounds silly, no ones gonna ultra my beautiful face!

Imagine my face on Riptor… :wink:

Thanks for bringing up the pause thing, because I was not sure if this was the guy who wanted a pause so he does not crap himself. “That post still brings a tear to my eye” :smile:

Now to the OP. This, like almost all your ideas would not make the game better at all. The only thing this would do is make every character in the game look stupid.

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@Dranyamarel143 Sure. The condition must be that you scan your face though and FT10 me.

They will if u make them rage.

I agree with @xCrimsonLegendx . These threads were funny once or twice, max. It’s getting old.


Custom Character with the face scan thing would be cool

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Same! much rather they spend better time developing it in other resources.