Save file gone

So I went to play some KI today, and noticed that I got a Loading Save File Error. I don’t know how it happened, but is there a way to fix it? Here is some info:

  • 1TB Xbox One

  • Last game played on it: GOW:Remastered

  • I have all of the KI content (both Ultra Editions and Shadow Jago)

  • Got it on Christmas (so I’m not going to lose much if there isn’t a solution)

I’ve never had anything like that happen to me so I can’t say I know how to help you from experience, but since there are no other responses here to help, I’ll try my best.

First, when you go to dashboard, highlight Killer Instinct, hit the start button, and go to “manage game.” Check and see if you find the culprit in that section.

If I’m not mistaken (though don’t take me at my word, and fact check this), your stats, unlocks, etc. are stored online as well as on your console. Generally, while connected online, your save data should try to sync with the save data on the servers. If the console has no save data on the console, but a save data on the server, it should try to download and create the save state on the console. However, with the corrupt data, it may not be passing the sync check when online, and it can’t download or save your data.

I’m thinking if you can delete the corrupt save data, your console will pull the synced server data and save it to console for further use, and it should keep your previous statistics intact. It shouldn’t affect your unlocks either. Of course, it is a calculated risk, and I would check with some other forum members first, or send a message to someone on the development staff to double check a solution.

Of course, it could be something server side as well, where maybe a lot of new Xbox One owners are pushing the Xbox servers a little harder using their new consoles, and the extra load is causing a few problems, in which anything related to that could pass in a few days.

All in all, there are a number of things that could have caused the issue. If you powered off the console at a moment where it was trying to save data or load, or closed the application prematurely during those operations, that may have been a cause as well. But if you just got the game on Christmas, worst case scenario, you lost a weekend’s worth of unlocks and work, and there are a lot of us who have lost a LOT more than that in the course of the game’s history.

Hope you enjoy KI, and don’t forget, season 3 is coming soon!

Did all your saved data get deleted permanently because that happened to me about three times before and i know how frustrating that is to re-level up all your characters all over again.

Ok, so I checked Manage Game and noticed that I had no save file. I don’t know if it got corrupted and disappeared or if it only existed online.

It’s all the way on the right, just past all the DLC packs you have, it will have it’s own column on the far right where it will say save data and there will be your profile name. That is your save data. If you don’t see it, then it may have gotten deleted by accident or something, but it should be there. The game resorts to this file when the console is played in offline mode.

Yeah I see the save file of someone else on the Xbox One that plays KI but not mine, I’m just going to assume that it’s gone forever. Oh well.

Yeah, then most likely, the game may have been cut off at a moment when it was either checking the save data or overwriting it. If the problem persists though, be sure to inform one of the devs of the issue and make sure to report it in the official bug reporting thread. From there, someone could offer a workaround solution if it exists, or the bug is at least reported to the proper people.

Most likely, if it’s an actual bug/glitch, you probably aren’t the only person who’s experienced it, but maybe are the first to report it.

Ok, this problem has now escalated, so not only is the load/save function broken, but I can’t access any of the characters. I also can’t do any trials and I can’t buy any KI Gold. Also, I forgot to notice that my 1500 KI gold is gone (from the Shadow Jago Bundle)

Alright, I would suggest some of the following actions at this point:

Try a FULL power down of the console. Most people tend to use the hibernate/ quick start up mode of the Xbox One, but after the console has been left in this state for excessive periods of time, some games can suffer performance issues.

To perform a full power down mode of the console, you can do it two ways. If you place your finger on the power button of the console and hold it there for at least 10 seconds, the console will shut off completely. If you did it correctly, the light on the power brick will turn from white to orange. The next time you start it up, you’ll see the Xbox One logo flash instead of the black and white logo and the quick sign in to the dashboard.

Another way to perform a full hard reset of the console is to go to My Games and Apps > Settings > Power and Startup > Turn off and Restart > Restart Now. Achieves the same effect.

If the problem persists after this point, I would recommend trying to re-download the packs from the marketplace real quick. Don’t delete them and re-download them, just check if you can download them or if the console acknowledges you have them downloaded.

You can also try fixing your internet connection, which most likely is the real culprit. Trying to reset your modem, and improve your connection speed to the server side can help greatly. If you are downloading anything on your computer or doing anything to divide your connection too heavily, I would recommend trying to minimize as many of these things as possible. Poor connection to the servers will most likely result in a failure at the checking downloadable content screen, and cause this issue.

If, worse comes to worse, and I really wouldn’t recommend this until all other options have been tested, you could delete the game on the console and try to re-download it. Don’t delete your character packs, just the game itself, and download it again. In the past, this has fixed several issues.

By that point, if the problem persists, I would highly recommend working with one of the IG devs either on the forums or twitter, or contacting MS on their customer service line. Usually guys like @TheKeits or @TempusChaoti can point you in the right direction to get the problem sorted out as quickly as possible. If it is an issue with the game, and nothing on your end, then it’s something they should know about and be informed of right away so it can be fixed, as you’re mostly likely not the only victim.

A few questions:

Is your internet fairly reliable and fast, or is it not very powerful and tends to drop frequently?

What speed is your internet? It should be something around 6 Mbps for at least a decent experience.

Are you using a wireless or wired connection? If you are using a wireless setup, and your connection has several walls and a lot of distance to go through, then it’s recommend to move as close to your wireless connection point as possible, or even better, use a wired connection only. Using a wired connection greatly prevents packet loss and further decreases lag and other potential problems.

Do you have an Open NAT?

Whose profile was the game downloaded and purchased under? or really the character packs. Was it downloaded by you or another profile on the same console?

Does this issue arise when you start the game under the alternate profiles on your console?

Some of these questions may lead you to the cause of your troubles.

Doing a FULL power down fixed it! Thank you.

No problem, enjoy playing on KI.

i wish that happend to my save it bugged the game so i cant use ki gold or the in game astral gems

Did you have more than one account sighned into it? back in S1 I had that issue when Spinal launched my brother and I had both our accounts signed in, then it kicked me out to the title and I lost everythingt. But until that happend I back out ALL the way to the main menu and then closed the game, I didn’t close it or turn it off or do anything like that until I exited out the main menu.

the issue was fixed when the Fulogre patch came out though.