San Diego KI Players

Hey just trying to see if there’s anyone here from or in San Diego that plays KI. I’m interested in starting a scene out here for this game.

I’ve kinda helped build the KoF scene out here as well as the Battle Fantasia scene some years back. I love KI and want it to flourish in San Diego.

Fanboygaming is hosting a KI tournament today at the Microsoft store in the Fashion Valley mall. Sign ups start at 5 and the tournament starts at 6. I highly encourage any and all in the area to show up . Also if anyone knows of any other venues please share. I agree that their needs to be a bigger scene out here. It’s just tough to come by anyone hosting.

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I’m in SD.

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Awesome!!! There’s another person by the name DangerFish who’s in SD also.

We should plan a get together at LanDiego. I’ll post the info shortly. Usually I go on Friday’s, so let me know if that’s good for you guys.

Sorry I missed the Ki event. Will there be another one soon?

S3 drops in several hours, I can’t wait!!!

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When’s this months FBG KI tourney? It just says “TBD” on the site.

FanBoyGaming is hosting a Tekken 7 tourney at Fashion Valley Mall.

After the tourney, I also plan on going to TTF this Friday with a KI setup. There’s enough TVs and such to setup whatever game you want. If you’re interested, post up here, and I’ll PM the address. If you plan on going, please bring extra controllers and/or sticks if you have them.