Samurai Shodown 2019

For the first time since KI was announced, I’m actually excited for a new fighting game release. Let’s go! I didn’t play the original Samurai Shodown games outside of casual play but I’m ready to really get into it. After looking at all of the initial characters, I’m probably going to main Earthquake. We’ll see.

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She looks cool
I love how she uses the double weapons and her color signatures are definitely recalling Betsy :open_mouth:

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shiki is best girl, great to see her return! femme fatale with great combos it looks like

My old main…and future main.

Poongko also appears in these matches, I believe…

Buying before June 30 = free season pass

Do we have any idea what all is in the season pass? Not that it matters, this game is on my radar and I’m going to buy it anyway.

I believe four characters are in the season pass. These would cost $5 per character if bought separately.

Also, release date is 6/25 for US now instead of 6/27.

There are also retro outfits for three or four characters but I believe these are specific to where you buy them (eg. on Amazon, elsewhere,…). I have no idea if these are included in the season pass or store-only campaigns.

The Xbox digital store is retro Nakaruru, FYI.

So you have 4-5 days after the game launches where you can still buy it and get the season pass. That’s a pretty fair deal. The game feels to me like it may be a bit overpriced at $59.99 (although I don’t have good logic behind that feeling) but the inclusion of the season pass helps a lot.

I pre-ordered the PS4 version because of me being in Japan and there’s no good reason to get the Xbox version here. BUT, if SNK implements cross-play between the Switch and XB1, I might consider getting another copy later down the line for one of these consoles…

Is there any reason to think this might happen? Or just the idea that Ms and Nintendo have been enjoying warm relations?

Unfortunately, at this stage I have zero evidence that such a “feature” is being developed.

I can think of many reasons it should or could happen but I have yet to see that from a Japanese game company. Maybe if a more popular developer/publisher like FromSoftware starts then others will follow trend.

Honestly, I’m just holding out hope for rollback netcode, but I don’t think that’s likely either.

The game is not combo-heavy at its core but for many defensive mechanics to work having no lag is key I think.

Like KI, this is also a game that looks better on your screen than on YouTube. The game is gorgeous while some trailers that they release have this low res feel or have washed out colors… had a chance to play it myself and level of detail was amazing.

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Yes, you could say that. I don’t know what modes come with the game but I think it’s going to be a basic, bare-bones even, package (with standard modes like arcade mode) and perhaps lots of artwork for fan service.

A robust training mode would be great but they haven’t hinted at any practice modes or story modes so I think $60 is quite a lot…not for a whale like myself though.

In other news…

But I doubt Samurai Showdown can take advantage after release…

I think people are reading way too much into this MoU. I wouldn’t expect it to mean cross play at all.


man, i want this game so bad but sadly im gonna have to wait until PC version

In Asia, the demo version is available for download according to some reports.

At least in the Japanese PSN store it is available as I am downloading it now but not sure about the rest of “Asia”… nor am I sure about other regions (nor exactly for which platforms the demo is out).

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Can you play Local VS on it?