Samurai Shodown 2019

So i’m back on the samurai shodown train

if anyone want’s to play hit me up.

What system are you on?

Xbox for the moment.

I have it on PS4 as well but It’s still downloading because I haven’t had the energy to finish it lol

I’ll get on and try a set if you’re around now

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Sure. Can’t stay long though.

Ok, I’m logging on. You have a mic?

Ye I think so!

One sec it’s tangled

GG’s @BigBadAndy my man


What characters do you guys play?

Tam Tam for me.

Andy played Hanzo

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Would you like to play sometime? I’d like to test myself against a fellow KI player. I’ve just been hitting online randomly.

Sure! I’ll add ya now.

Pretty cool book and artwork

@xSkeletalx hey, sent you a message earlier as I was trying to set up a time with you this week, but now I cut my hand so I won’t be able to play for a few days until everything is healed up. Apologies.

It’s ok, make sure to take care of your hand properly. Plenty of time for some matches once you’re healed!

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If anyone want’s to fight tonight let me know.

Around 5:30 pm est I’ll be ready.

@xSkeletalx @BigBadAndy @Cabp15 ALSO

@BoJima404 Feel better my dude!

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If I see you online, I’ll hit you up.

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Thanks man! Appreciated.

(was trying to open a metal case without gloves and ended up cutting both hands. Not severely but still :slightly_frowning_face: )

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Thanks, will do.

After the patch, it seems certain top players rate Charlotte and Tam Tam as the top tier now. I expected Tam To drop but buffs on others might not have been enough to scare Tam Tam :smile:

I can probably get on for a while.