Samurai Shodown 2019

Walkspeeds for all characters and even the forward dash of certain characters was made faster in today’s patch. Lots of block stun and hit stun has been reduced for many characters, so should feel much different (faster) now.
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I’m honestly not sure if this was necessary. The game is deliberate but not too slow when you play offline. If they are raising the walk speeds to deal with the way the game slows down online, then I don’t see that as a great development.

true, still not fast though, but “faster than before” is a better characterization perhaps.

As English patch notes are available, I am posting a link to the pdf file below.

Link to Patch 1.11 Notes

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Many non-viable characters became playable with this one single patch.
The only character that was sort of unnecessarily hit with the nerf hammer was Yosh-itora, imho.

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I’ll look into it when I update the game. If the game is anyway faster now, I believe it’s gonna make the game more dynamic. That’s good. Nevertheless, I’m really looking forward to lobby/ranked match fix. The game is crashing/freezing from time to time when you’re either searching for matches or actually playing online.

The Yoshi tora nerd may be less about high level competition and more about intermediate play. While I agree he is not OP he can be very intimidating at lower levels. With 6 hit normals that take forever etc. But I haven’t looked at what they actually adjusted.

Perfect typo, do not change!

@BoJima404 thank you for sharing those patch notes, I’m very glad to see it didn’t take too long after EVO for the patch to come through. Also glad to see some nerfs to Genjuro, and that Tam Tam’s changes don’t seem to be negative. I think the Shiki, Darli, and Kyoshiro changes look good too.

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My prediction is that Tam Tam and Earthquake will drop below Darli and Yashamaru.

The air to air for these two characters is much stronger now, while their ground game has not gotten worse.

Earthquake got buffs but still loses ground due to the buffs other same tier characters received. His ground game is much improved but his air game is untouched and he now loses to most upper tier characters plus Darli/ Nakoruru/ Wu with her WFT/ Yashamaru. Earthquake still depends on air movement to approach or create distance. Tam Tam is/was a strong zoners but loses ground for similar reasons. I suspect he will not be able to jump as much and faces similar challenges like Earthquake. His walk speed is still above average but overall he is now relatively weaker mid-air with the nerfs.

How hard was Genjuro hit?

Main change is losing invincibility on startup for dp, command grab hitbox reduced, and some multi hit moves are less ambiguous now. Before his kick would hit three times quite fast with the second hit being an overhead. Now all hit high.

I’m curious, why do you think this is the case?

Both Tam Tam are zoners and need to jump as part of their game or they will become one-dimensional. Yashmaru and Darli were strong already in mid-air but now have faster recovery on landing from most mid-air specials. They both have a stronger grounded neutral game now apart from fixes due to recoil on block being reduced and they can more easily jump back in the air.

Earthquake cannot win mid-air as his best normals have downward hitboxes and he has no meaningful improvements on grounded normals nor specials - eg. still no invincibility on startup or after a few frames, as you can grab or hit him out of many specials unlike Kyoshiro (post patch), Haohmaru, Genjuro, etc. None of his jump normals are changed either. He loses air to air and his recovery on landing is unchanged (slow).

Tam Tam is in a similar situation except his horizontal movement and poking game is still strong. But his jump B and jump C (their startup and their hitboxes) will no longer easily prevent Darli and Yashamaru to stay grounded anymore. They simply can move faster now and have improved neutral. Also, WFT keeps their weapon close so Tam Tam cannot zone them out or run away to keep them from getting their weapon back.

And like I mentioned, unlike Darli/Yashamaru, Tam Tam is largely unchanged except for a few fixes. I think he will have a harder time escaping from also Shiki, Darli, etc. now, basically characters that can get to the air quicker or keep him from going airborne.

This is something I’m not understanding - the patch notes didn’t seem to indicate changes to Tam Tam’s jumping normals, or changes to Darli or Yashamaru’s jump/air to air/specials which would seem to give them invulnerability or anything which would interfere with jumping normals. Did I just miss something?

I updated my post. Basically, much of the recovery is reduced on many of their moves, so they are able to move faster now. Tam Tam sees no changes whatsoever, so all things being kept equal, Darli and Yashamaru can move faster, and the timing for Tam Tam on Jump B or jump C will change. Your window becomes less to keep them from moving.

Just theory of course, but I am having a much harder time with Nakoruru than before for this reason at the moment.

This game felt slower than what I remembered from the past. Even the Heavy Slashes, which are intentionally slow, were slower than I thought it was gonna be. Speeding up movement just a bit might make it closer to that

I play Darli, Shiki and Nakoruru. They all got buffs that made them a real threat. I already tested most of the changes. I’m very pleased. Plus, the game is faster now, which makes it more dynamic. Overall, very good adjustments.

@BoJima404 I’ll be on for 7 PM, if you’re still interested.

Hey, yes, I am. Let’s give it a try then. See you at 7pm.


Connection held up well. I recommend the dojo and theater stages for casual matches as they perform best online. SNK has yet to address the stages performance issues.

Nice Tam Tam by the way. How are your impressions of him post-patch? I think some hitboxes were made smaller, I guess? He is still very good.

Been practicing Yashamaru and have a decent win rate online of 65%. But I still make mistakes switching back and forth between Earthquake and Yashamaru. Up close I was not punishing most of the time because I would press down and heavy slash but that works for Earthquake, not for Yashamaru, lol.

Also, I was struggling to find Rage / Lightning Blade as you only see me use it once. Beforehand I had remapped the buttons and switched one button by accident :joy: Hopefully next time I can show some setups using Rage/ Lightning Blade. Some WFTs could have been avoided by going into Rage mode but instead you will see me stand and do nothing :sweat:

The invite working only if I send it out is a problem on my side. I have this with KI and SCVI too. Still don’t know what I changed in the Xbox settings :thinking:

Let’s do it again sometime. GGs.

That’s curious. When we tried to play a set, there was a huge lag. So you got a decent connection this time around? Good to know.