Salty Bet (Come Play With Us! [Free Game!])

Me and @RGLOfficial Had a SUPER FUN and SUPER SALTY night playing this game.

It is basically “Fighting game: The Game”

It is ENDLESS fun, and ENDLESS salt. How you play the game will evolve every day.

Here is the site:

The game works like this:
-You bet on which fighter will win.
-Loosing everything resets you to around $100

Its such a hard game to explain, but i suppose i can answer any questions in the comments section.

Lets get a group of people together to play this game while talking in an Xbox party!

Discuss or ask questions below:

I’ve done this!

It’s MUGEN, and you bet on certain characters you think will win.

Lol I had forgotten about this. Thanks!


Do you do this regularly Flutter?

I’d be fun to get some KI forum friends and play this Salty Gambling game.

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I’m a bit confused. Is it just gambling? Like watching people play and betting on who will win or what?

Yeah, It’s fun! It’s fake money, and you just have fun. LOL I’m watching it now… So salty… I just lost $1,000 for betting on Joseph Joestar, and he lost to a Chie from Persona… :frowning:

Oh I was wondering what you meant by “like mugen” so the characters fighting aren’t from the same game even? Got it. Yea that sounds pretty fun lol I’d like to give it a shot some time! Maybe later today I will.

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No I think I won’t. I actually saw this site a couple years ago. I developed a bad addiction. Lol

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I love this game lol.

I just lost all my money… :frowning:

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I gained $5000 last night. HA!

I don’t bet but I love to watch saltybet

Yes, everyone.

I DO want to start playing this with everyone. If anyone is available in 4 hours, I will be in an Xbox party, and ready to send invites.

Salty bet was the first twitch stream I followed. Always bet waifu!


I did that for a Sakura, and won $1,000 against a Evil Ken! Lol!

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I lost 50% betting on Twilight Sparkle last night. She lost to a stupid anime girl with an unblockable orbital magic rainbow laser.

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When it is a waifu battle always bet anime waifu.

If you lose it was rigged lol

System goes it like this anime waifu > waifu > swords > DBZ characters

But you never leave the stream without plenty of salt.

Question, how do
You get paid???

It is fake money you start off with 100$ and make bets after each match you get more or less depending if you win or lose.

So when is this up? I want to join the salt party!

Yeah! I wanna do saltybet tonight. Who the hell is online right now?