Salt train for this game

Hear me out, ok? this game has been my escape and my life’s work.
The “brute” character idea i don’t like at all.
People like Tusk is a real bother, he can just crouch and jab you while you can’t hit him back because of his deflecting shield crap, i’m not having this.

See it as a challenge you have to overcome. Find a way to get around it, ask for advice from other players, practise, think out of the box. It will take time and patience, dedication and determination, but Tusk has weaknesses that can be exploited! You just need to find them and find a way to get to them.

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My orchid surpasses him all the time. but the problem is a single heavy hit does like 10 percent

Then avoid them, don’t give him the chance to connect it to you.

Okay, so here’s what you do:


Yep. That’s it! You block his attack and then can often counter-attack during his recovery.


Bait his attack and back out of the way and then counter-attack him during his recovery. If you don’t think the back-dash will get you out of the way far enough, simply cancel into a block (and be ready to do so in case you need it) and then follow what I said above.

I use this strategy with Aganos all of the time. I stay back and force him to come to me. When he uses any moves to get closer, I wait, block or get out of the way, and then counter-attack with full-combo punishes.

Tusk, as a whole, IMO, is a bad character, because he has horrible startup and horrible recovery on most of his special moves, which is why he needs the deflect mechanic - he’d be terrible without it. The thing is, though, he needs you to attack him for it to work, so simply don’t. :wink:


I love tusk cause I can dragon kick and pummel him every time

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I love Tusk, but I am used to fast characters, like Orchid, so his slow attacks, though they might be powerful, makes him so open to attacks every time. I can get lucky and win with him, but against someone who knows how to exploit his weaknesses and knows when to strike, I can do nothing.

I’m not a good player though, so that might also be why. XD

Tusk Training Montage?

Please? :blush:

Ask some of the Tusk players for a spar or two. I’m pretty sure some are willing to help.

His damage is insane. Nerf, nerf, nerf…

Ive fought a few Tusks. Not GREAT Tusks, but still.

He seems quite easy to fight so far. My strategy is this:

Hit him. Over and over again. As fast as you can. Try to catch him just BEFORE his “deflect window” takes effect. Most Tusk players want to use that deflect, and they will press buttons stupidly, so you can hit them before the deflect comes up, and surprise them.

Step 2.:
If they get used to this, they will either start playing very scared, and you can just run in and throw them, or jump over them, or do whatever you want.

OR they will adjust by using the move that has the QUICKEST “deflect window” start-up time.

If they do this, they will HAVE to guess when you are about to hit them for it to “catch” you, that means they will press the button as soon as it looks like you are about to hit them.

So the counter-strategy to that is this:

FAKE like you are about to hit them by walking in close, then when they perform the move, just block or back-dash. You can then get a full punish by either using a special to close the distance, or by hitting Light Punch if you chose to stay in close.

I guess you can sort of count that as a training montage, as I go from absolutely terrible to mediocre as the video progresses.

Man Thunder is such a hard match up for me.