Sales numbers for KI Definitive Edition

Aw yeah! I can’t wait to see the sales figures of this game! Did it sell at least 500,000 copies? Or are we close!?

Zero sales Kappa I don’t expect a lot though. My gamestop just puts in in the shelf facing sideways so you can’t even see the cover unless you take the case out. Most people who want KI already have it so don’t expect much.

no idea. However its known that KI has a player base of almost 8 milion active people playing this game from time to time. Most played fighting game on Xbox IMO. I’ve spent more time on KI than any other game on my XBO. Epic badass fighter ever. Now with ultimates coming… Unbelievable.

Good news. Very good news.

You should instead think of how many sales it’s had over time since 2013 which I’m sure is quite a bit.

Any news articles that I can share?

shrug question is, why do you bring this up?

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Because I would love to know. Especially if some people here have stock in Microsoft and Iron Galaxy Studios.

That is a weird reason… > - >

Lots of people just like to know these things. I too like the idea that my “thing” is popular and on an incline. And I guess the inverse is true as well.

On topic, we will most likely never know sales figures. MS has pretty much sworn off giving those details for their consoles as well as games.

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