Sako vs Eyedol - Help in this Mu

I honestly don’t know if im playing this mu wrong of if this is really a bad Mu for Sako.
Basically i’m having issues into 3 different situations that Eyedol can put Sako:

1- In mage Head, i’m finding his zonning really hard to Deal. I always try to come closer in order to punish any attempt of using a projectile with the shadow rekka, but its still very hard against a smart Eyedol. Plus, i fell like his range is better than Sako, so he can start the fight in a distance where i’m still trying to approach it.

2- In warrior head, his quick jump can really mix up Sako in a way that the parry becomes really hard to be effectively used. I need some defensive answers but even having a decent knowledge of the Mu i feel like Sako don’t have the right tools to deal with this situation.

3- I’m always letting the opponent control the pace of the match. The warrior has a better mobility and a quick jump that always let him get the momentum first. The mage has a better range and a zonning that forces me to hunt him while he already can start his offensive. In both cases i’m really struggling.

If anyone have some videos of any Sako player dealing with Eyedol it would help me too.
Thanks in advance for the tips!

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Lendário Veronezi! @STORM179 posted in his channel a fight against @deltarayquaza’s Eyedol on these days. You should know them already, both are very good players. I think soon @STORM179 will show here to help you. He’s a nice guy who is always giving advice to people, and has a great Hisako, as you know.

Also, @Infilament made a video doing an analysis of this set. Starts at 1:51:00.

Hope it helps!


Hey @STVeronezi. I saw this when you posted it, but just haven’t had a chance to sit down and write up a detailed response. Was going to try and just wait until I had some free time, but since it seems that’s not happening will just bullet point out some quick thoughts.

  • I believe the MU is 5/5. Hisako bodies Eyedol on wakeup, and he can’t jump out of her resets. That’s always a recipe for a good Sako fight.
  • When he’s in mage, default block low and just react to the overhead meteor. Eyedol in mage sucks at opening you up. If he gets predictable in his zoning timing descent behind him and punish, but overall you really don’t have to rush. Let him zone his little heart out until he reverts to warrior. Just don’t let him get close enough to stomp - that sucker is crazy plus on block.
  • If you have meter, you can punish virtually any zoning attempt by mage. Shadow ORZ goes very far, and Eyedol’s zoning has decent amounts of recovery. Can also use it to go through mage normals. You don’t have to predict these; they should be reactable. If you can’t consistently react, then just let him throw stuff out until he changes stances.
  • Eyedol’s jump is super shallow and very difficult to deal with. If he’s jumping on top of you you’re in a bad situation. Try dashing under it if you can - if you can’t then you’ll just have to block it out.
  • A lot of warrior’s normals are counterable on reaction. Punish him for trying to strike you at long ranges, and then once he begins to respect the counter option counter-poke his approach with st.HP. You should be fishing with this button in general any time Eyedol runs at you or otherwise tries to gain space in warrior. Manage your wrath so that if he jumps and makes you whiff it you can descent or counter cancel.

Sounds like a lot of your problem in the fight is that you’re letting Eyedol dictate the pace. You don’t have to chase him when he’s in mage - he’ll revert on his own before long. And because of how his switch mechanic works, his warrior change is often not going to happen right on top of you, so you should generally have a chance to play neutral again when that change happens. Hisako has some of the best normals in the game…not even Eyedol gets to approach her carelessly. I played a set a while ago against an intermediate Eyedol - will try to find it and post so that you can get some ideas.

Oh, and shadow meteors isn’t an overhead. Just block low once he’s in instinct and eat the grabs and try to react to overhead if you can. Trying to worm your way out of the mixups leads to huge losses of life when Eyedol’s in instinct.