Sajam's RAAM breakdown

Always useful. Props to @Sajam


Funny thing is that I lose track of my own moves too when I pop instinct as RAAM. Lol.

I’m not having too much of an issue. Though I can see where one could lose focus.

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Same. its advantageous for flipouts and meaties, but they haven’t made it too hard to see what he’s doing. The Kryll Shield cancel may cause problems though
I think I’m gonna start calling him FANGief, basically describes his gameplan from what I can see.


I learned a lot from this video when I watched it this morning. Ive learned a lot from Sajam in particular. He has the best break downs and tutorials IMO


At least they finally made it obvious when someone was in Instinct :slight_smile:

placeholder text until sarcasm is properly identified

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Oh hey thanks for posting this! Raam is a ton of fun, and I’m definitely enjoying him!


Thanks for the videos…best KI tutorials on the web!

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Thanks for continuing to support this game and for doing your part to maintain sanity @Sajam. Your valiant efforts on Twitter and elsewhere are not going un-noticed.

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Well thanks, I’m just trying my best for a game I love!

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