Sajam on KI:


KI is too good for this world. People would prefer inferior games for no ■■■■■■■ reason. I am really pissed why this game is so unpopular.

He is right about these ■■■■■■■ excuses. There is always some stupid reason why somebody is not playing KI.

I wish we got a sequel so good it would knock everybody’s socks off. But it will propably be overshadowed by SF6 with brand new rootkits, simplified systems and content more lackluster than ever.

■■■■ this world.


Simma down now :hugs:

I can’t watch the video til I get home from work, so not sure what Sajam said, but why do you @Verminatorx think it’s unpopular? Even if it’s just a recycling of Sajam’s views, that’s cool. Like I said, can’t watch the video for another few hours.

I honestly believe the #1 deterrent to prospective players is the fact it’s not on PS4. I think if it were on PS4, it’d be on the same popularity level as NRS games, but still a just below Capcom, Nintendo, and Namco fighters.

I feel you,and regarding my national scene I would say exactly the same as you,even with more salt. I got incredible words to swear in my language, but I won’t use them :slight_smile:

I saw the video,I just don’t share the part where Sajam says the original KI games s*cked. I don’t agree at all. They were not as good as the new one for 1v1? Probably. But talking like that of the OG games shows how young he is.


You didn’t ask for my view but I will share it anyway. I doubt KI would be as popular as NRS, Capcom or Namco games if it was on PS4 but there’s no question it would be more popular than it is now. Certainly in the EU and Japan where Xboxes are rare this is true. Even as it is now,globally, KI is as popular as ArcSystem works games (probably more). Keeping in mind that “popular” with the FGC is different than popular with gamers.

In any event, I think the reason people in the FGC don’t play KI is because the FGC, for all the people who try to pretend it is, isn’t a community. It’s a series of communities built around single games or game companies that occasionally cross connect. The Capcom GC is the biggest (besides Smash) because it’s always been the biggest and people aren’t interested in leaving their community and joining a different one. So NRS has their GC and Namco (Tekken) has theirs.


I don’t think he means to insult people who like the old games, especially as part of their childhood growing up, and especially for things like music/aesthetics. He is just talking about how good the games are on a competitive level. Both of the old KIs are pretty weak in that regard.


Haven’t watched the video yet, but will chime in early to say that I think rage over KI’s relative unpopularity (and I stress “relative”) is both unhealthy personally and unhelpful to the scene writ large. No one clamors to join a gaming community that feels wronged and lets the whole world know it. I just don’t think those emotions are worth holding on to.

It’s not up to us to decide what people like or don’t like, or what catches on or not. Do I think KI is incredible? Absolutely! But I don’t see the point in stressing that not enough other people see the magic that I see. It genuinely is their loss, not mine.

Obligatory note that I get Maru’s anger a lot more than others - it’s a lot more personally frustrating to have actively advocated for the game with one’s local scene and not have it received well, than with the anger I’ve heard from those whose efforts were either more diffuse or non-existent.


While I agree to an extent, the lack of popularity definitely correlates with chances at more content: dlc, sequels, and merchandise. Therefore, it’s both our, and their loss.

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Can someone tell me what is he talking about?

Fair points all, but I guess I’m just not personally invested in them, in the sense that (1) KI did receive a quite solid and sizable amount of DLC, (2) I’m not particularly interested in a sequel yet, as I love this version of the game and cast, and (3) I don’t care about non-game merchandise.

I concede 100% that all things being equal I want KI to be more successful, as that success is necessary for future contributions to be made (and I think the devs deserve it for putting out such quality work!). But there is nothing about this iteration in terms of content and support that is worth my anger or angst. I think KI was supported well, and I think it did receive a sufficient amount of content. I think the cast is as large as it should realistically be for its particular systems, and while I’d have loved additional costumes/accessories/etc, again, it isn’t something I’m bent out of shape about.

So yeah, their loss, not mine. I understand to a degree where their loss becomes ours, but I’m not bought into it that we’ve reached that point at all. We got 3 seasons worth of amazing content, a comic book(!), and all the memories and friends made along the way, to say nothing of the fun I’m still having. I’m quite happy actually.

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Finally watched the vid. Pretty much agree with everything he said, up to and including the original KI games not being good. They were fine for what they were at the time, but no, they aren’t good games. Not by a long shot.

For @KevBones10:

  • KI is Sajam’s favorite modern FG (though not the one he’s playing or watching most right now)
  • he thinks the game has everything FG fans say they want, but instead of trying it out they just make up BS excuses for why they can’t play it
  • KI has cool characters, engaged devs who care, good tutorials, is fun to watch, amazing netcode
  • top players who hate S3 are mostly either burned out and/or full of ■■■■
  • it’s fine if it just isn’t your cup of tea, but the excuse-making and condescension from people who never even tried it is wack
  • KI2013 is objectively better than either of the original games

That’s the gist of the video, though not necessarily in that order.


this … the game is soo untapped!!! And it really does seem like each character is super fun to play … at least to the point that I can’t see folks getting bored when their so many playstyles to enjoy within the 29 characters.

I’m really not with any #WhensKI4.

completely irrelevant side note - Storm, even tho my wife is a word nerd, I swear your posts make me hit that highlight-word-and-hit-search-google-for-said-word lol. hahaha! I love how I can up my vocab game while getting some good KI insight! :smiley: Look forward to more posts! #iAintPlayingScrabbleWithYou

I don’t mean to pick at your statements… but

If… we get a sequel. I had the pleasure, and misfortune, of being a KI1-2 fan, and wondering when they would release another. My reaction was basically Max’s reaction video when I was watching E3, but more intense. Though my reaction was euphoric, I dread the feeling of losing another of my favorite IPs to Publisher’s Hell.

Again, sorry to pick at just one of your statements. Overall I understand where you’re coming from, but different people have different feelings.

You are right Storm,I should not give KI a bad image. Even though I got upset I kept that salt to myself,I’ve even talked about my frustration in this forum.
It’s just I got tired of hearing awful things and trashtalk from guys who haven’t even touched the game! But I kept on posting things,including the recent tutorials and some matches videos. These got some players hyped as well and they are asking for advice, material (matches videos),etc about KI.

They are positive and this made other persons more open to the game, and even they may end up playing SFV for how much bigger the scene is here (Geez! even my team friends are playing it now) at least they are enjoying KI and spreading good comments.

The haters will still be there,but it doesn’t seem they’ll change their mind.
I won’t fight them unless they are spreading wrong information.
It hasn’t been a bad week in that matter. But yes, I wish it was more popular.

Lets hope there’s more KI in the future.


Ditto for me. I was suuuuuuper stoked when my brother sent me the teaser vid, because I’d waited for KI’s revival for over a decade. I’m right there along with you!

But here’s the thing: KI 2013 was successful enough in this iteration to warrant two extra seasons. It was successful enough for them to bother with a Win10 and Steam release (though I also think both were likely largely about proof-of-concept for X1 games working in different architectures). It was successful enough to earn itself money for tournaments, successful enough to license for a comic book, successful enough to be downloaded 10 million times.

Does any of that mean that KI is guaranteed a sequel? No, it doesn’t. But neither do any of those things strike me as making it unlikely either. KI was done on the cheap and wound up being an amazing game and experience. I see nothing in the above that would preclude MS iterating on that formula. Some people would hate that, and their only wish is that KI would be a AAA title with a budget to rival Halo. But I’m not one of them. While I think KI’s production had some instances where budget was obviously a limiting factor, I’m very firmly not in the camp that thinks a cash-bomb being dropped on the production side was the only thing holding KI back from total market dominance. I don’t think KI becomes a significantly better game with 4x the budget.

All in all, I think MS probably walked away with a tidy profit for the game. It’s an open question how many of the 10 million downloads stayed around and paid money, but the F2P mobile space has proven pretty conclusively that massive install bases have significant opportunities for profit even if only a tiny fraction of that base pays. Maybe KI didnt do well enough to earn a sequel after all. But maybe it did, even if not quite enough to make a sequel imminent. But that’s not the same as being a bust that no one will ever want to touch again.

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Whilst I agreed with a lot of what Sajam said, I disagreed with his stance on KI’s Training Mode. Kudos for showing hitboxes. However, allowing you to set/record actions for various events (wakeup, guard recovery, etc), should also be the standard. The lack of this feature has shown the age of KI’s Training Mode.

KI’s Frame data display is good, but we use as a guide, rather than an absolute truth. In this video , Mike Z discusses how Skullgirls frame data display (Attack Data: Advanced) is automatic, and is calculated based on the recovery of the player and the dummy. In his example, a jumping attack that hits the opponent in the head displays a different frame advantage than one that hits in the torso.

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