Saison 3 UE How to get EAGLE, Resolved for me

i see that many peoples with the ultra season 3 edition struggle to get eagles, ihas de same problem to get eagle like many peoples on here until I connected myself first on my main account " wich one I bought eagle" then he was not available to select , Ifrom the select character screen I pushed on eagle then it bring me to the store, where it was noticed as Buy, I select it then it installed eagle without payin a second time. then till now I got my eagle and shin hisako.

I play on xbox one.

So if someone need to try the same I did it could also help you guys

so I repeat my steps

  1. been connected at your main account with that one you own the saison 3 ultra edition

2)select eagle on the screen " hes not available to play right now" this wil bring you to the store

  1. when in the store the only option is to buy " but you own him because of the saison 3 ultra edition so don’t care" select buy instead of paying it would install eagle immediately, it did for me

  2. once eagle installed Enjoy the hard setup game.

I hope my solution would help many peoples cause if it worked for me it should work for many others too.

GGs GUYS, let me know if it worked for you too and don’t forget the like button :hugs:

I am on Windows 10, and I am connected to my main account from the boot of computer, I don’t know how logging process looks on xbox.

When I pick Eagle from select screen, I see the window that redirects me to store and immediately after that an error pops out…

Thank you for this tip and I hope it helps other xbox players, but unfortunately I can’t make it work on win10.

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this seems to be situation only on pc, since another friend of me try this on pc and it gives him the same error than you.
Cause 2 others friends on Xbox one triedit and after been redirected in the store everything worked fine.

I hope they could fix this on pc also

Around release of Steam port, devs said that all skins that Steam version owners get will be later unlocked for free for xbox/win10 owners IIRC.

I suppose it’s logical to assume the Eagle fix will come along.

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