Safe Wall + Peacemaker Setup Ideas and Possible Bug(s)

Since Season 3 has dropped I’ve been trying to figure out if there’s any setups that allow me to put down a wall and then turn it into a Peacemaker safely so I can play the mid-range game with Aganos more commonly now. As I was testing trying to do that off of specific enders, I came across something a bit odd with his Natural Disaster ender.

If you try to put a wall down as soon as humanly possible, he always seems to put it down behind the opponent instead of himself no matter what direction you input. It seems you have to delay the wall input by a few frames for it to successfully put it down behind you. Obviously I want to try to make it as safe as possible so having to delay inputs just makes it that much more unsafe. Sure, some characters can’t perform a full screen punish but the characters that can like any teleport character make it that much more difficult in that specific scenario so further testing needs to be done to see what’s the safest route to get a Peacemaker into his hands. You can also notice this bug if you try to chunk up immediately after the ender. He faces away from the opponent and will chunk up with his back turned to them.

I’ve also noticed two other very minor bugs that don’t affect gameplay but are there regardless.
1.) The game seems to read Domination (throw with Peacemaker) as a shadow move and will turn him completely purple when he lands the move.

2.)The chunk up sound effect for when he recycles the club hasn’t been adjusted for the faster animation and the sound effect comes out delayed.

I’ll look into your 1st supposed bug and get back to you, but based upon what I’ve read, I’d think it’s simply because the natural disaster ender is his exchange ender - and because it causes you to switch sides with your opponent, it makes the whole setup of walls funky for a brief moment.

As for chunking up while facing away from your opponent, I’ve definitely experienced that. I’ve also experienced the purple glow, but hadn’t quite figured out yet what caused it (I just knew it had to do with the peacemaker). I had not noticed the audio delay, but then again, I suffer from severe hearing loss, so it’s not likely I would’ve heard it anyways…

I think what’s happening is that Aganos isn’t considered “turned back around” to face the opponent until they are back on their feet. Aganos recovers just a hair faster than the opponent on the exchange ender so the game reads that you’re still facing away from the opponent before they get up.

I’ve tested it with inconclusive results. If you try to place a wall behind yourself immediately after a natural disaster ender (regardless of combo level) sometimes it works, but most of the time it simply doesn’t. I tested this by mashing the input as fast as I could. It’s definitely a detriment to Aganos though.

Also, the whole back-facing thing always happened in my tests if I tried to chunk up instead.

You should either address this concern to @developers or to @moderators OR you could post about it in the feedback forum in the pinned bugs thread. :wink:

I’ll get with them about that and another bug that’s been around since Season 2 when I get the chance to not post from mobile later tonight.

I’m not able to test certain things like if Jago can Wind Kick Aganos off of forward throw, summon a wall behind himself, and then turn it into a club. I think forward throw might be the safest way to go about that against characters without teleports.