Sadira's worst match-ups?

I would like to know what you think is Sadira’s worst match-ups because I find that a high end Sadira player can sometimes play real cheap always jumping back and forth in the air and over you. I’m sick of these players and I want to beat their arrogant asses

Well, zoning you out and staying out of your reach, or employing hit and run tactics are legitimate strategies for any character with some sort of zoning abilities/decent speed. I wouldn’t exactly call it cheap, especially if they’re a high level player as you said.
That being said, the one famously nasty matchup with Sadira would have to be Kan-Ra, since his trap shenanigans do a pretty good job of negating a lot of her tools.
Plus any character with a good anti-air (DP characters and Wulf come to mind) can usually counter her jump ins with good blocking.
Hope it helps.

Note:This probably should’ve gone in the Sadira sub-topic.

Kan-Ra is a manifestly terrible MU for her, but only if the Kan is at her skill level or better. Against a newer Kan, a good Sadira will maul him, and once she’s on top of him and he’s out of sand, he’s pretty screwed. The bad part of the fight comes when he has sand out - sandsplosion shuts down all medium widow’s bite pressure, and assuming the sand is far away to begin with, forces her to run the gauntlet again to get close to him.

I personally have always thought that Thunder is actually a losing MU for Sadira as well (at least in S2, where she can’t just run from him), though many people disagree with this. My rationale is that his sammamishes all blow through projectiles, meaning he can just straight up DP out of most of her approach and mixup options. He also has very scary knockdown pressure, which of course is something she struggles with in general.

For myself, I actually originally picked up Hisako largely because I dislike the Sadira mirror. The MU is very much 5-5, but Hisako’s counter option means you don’t have to actually block Sadira’s shenanigans, and the threat of it means she has to approach the fight a bit differently. This fight is heavily based on spacing and footsies, with Hisako able to punish Sadira’s jumps and widow’s bites with long air normals and aerial ORZ respectively. It’s actually one of the more fun MU’s in the game I think :grin:

Kixmix I will gladly share with you the legendary secret of defeating Sadira… wait for it… wait for it…


The simple fact is, ANY character can beat Sadira (although Aganos has a REALLY hard time). Most people that defeat me keep pressure on me and don’t let me breath. Sadira is a heavy offensive character and she truly shines when she’s on the prowl, however if you can back her up into a corner, she’s pretty much dead (unless she has instinct).

The best players I run up against, try to corner me as quickly as they can and keep me there.

In terms of jumping = cheap.

Jumping is how Sadira works. Crap Sadira players are going to jump for the sake of jumping and you should have no problem defeating them because they will become predictable. I don’t jump for the sake of jumping. I jump to zone, to cross up, and to get under your skin.

Shes free on wake up. Abuse it :slight_smile:

Very true… The only time this is different is if she has meter and wishes to use Shadow Web Cling.

Some of the best matchups I’ve ever had against Sadira have been while I was using Maya. I don’t know if it’s favorable 1 way or the other, but what I do know is that it’s simply, well, fun… :wink:

Unless you’re fighting my Sadira… I can make even the most mild mannered man rage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Been there, done that.

Well you did ban me from ever using Sadira against your Aganos. :stuck_out_tongue:

The key to beating Sadira is keeping her grounded. Once you knock her down, if your meaties are on point, you can keep her locked down and try to open her up. On wakeup, Sadira’s best options are block and deal w/ the mixup or backdash. At least, that’s what a smart Sadira will do. You’ll have dumb ones that try to jump or attack, which your meaty will take care of. Not to mention…all that jumping is unsafe. All of Sadira’s attacks come w/ risk. If she’s jumping around free on you, that’s b/c you are letting her. Sadira players get away w/ a lot of bs that they shouldn’t be able to if players did there hw. There’s not one thing she does in the air that you can’t punish her for.

Hmm backdash on wake up. I do have Option selects though that will deal with that so she can only really block or shadow web cling

Every character in the game can b.low up wakeup back dash, but it’s still a useful option to keep on deck. It gets out of a lot of different meaty, neutral jump, or throw setups, and encourages players to do things to try and catch it. A lot of the catches for it however are themselves negative, unsafe, or shadow counterable, so backdashing out of pressure (or showing the willingness to do so), can give you the chance to sit still sometimes on wakeup and punish their attempt to catch you running. It’s like everything else - the trick is knowing when to use it and for what.

Wulf, Kan Ra and Cinder

I would be careful with using Cinder. He’s still very new and I can see a nerf train coming his way, but you’re totally right with everybody else.

In truth, ANY character can trash Sadira if it is being controlled by a TexAce! :smiley:

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Very good games we played earlier too. Your Sadira is pretty strong too.

I don’t count my victories by winning a match with the likes of you, Paul B. and LCD… I count it a victory if I can just take a life bar! :smiley:

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I just said i have OS for it vs sadira, its not going to convince me to change anything. I can still start with meaty. Its also plus on block.

I don’t know what OS you’re talking about, so can’t really address it specifically can I? I was referring more to the general idea that a lot of the OS’s I’ve found (both used and had used against me) are shadow counterable, or otherwise negative on block. So getting caught by a single OS while trying to backdash isn’t terrible - it’s actually fine so long as one can see how that particular setup actually caught the backdash. If it’s one with multiple discreet hits (most the OS’s I’ve seen are), then I can sit there and shadow counter instead, and if it’s one that winds up negative (even slightly) then I can just sit there and block. Particularly for the situations where I can shadow counter, most opponents I’ve faced are only going to eat 2 of those before they decide that they might want to try something else on oki - often something that is backdashable.

Not saying your OS is bad or that you should stop using it. Just saying that just because an opponent can catch a backdash doesn’t mean it isn’t sometime a viable option. It might require some conditioning, but it still has its uses.

its jago cl mk to laser sword. the roundhouse only comes out if you backdash which will be kicking you in the face. You can try to shadow counter the laser sword but you need meter for a start. I think sadira has the weakest wakeup in the game because players refuse to use shadow web cling idk why. Its a life saver and sadiras need to realise it