Sadira's wake up/anti air and combo trait

I’m using a translator to write this text. So forgive me for any language error
SADIRA’ S WAKE UP: We have a serious problem here. After all everyone knows that for Sadira to be overthrow (hardknockdow) is practically a death sentence. Keeping in mind how easy it to punish her when standing up even with shadow recluse, I thouth of something and hoped Keitz(s)(?) would see it. With the Sadirs’s style and personality, I belive that anti-air/wake up like Poison’s spiral in Street Fighter 4 would combine a lot with Sadira, in addition to a trait really useful. Performing this wake up, when Sadira arrived in the air could use window bite of varied forces (L/M/H) or his second jump. An air finisher would be useful for her. Sadira should rule in the air, but she become a highly punishable character in the everything she does. And dash could be faster.

She’s an air mobility character. She’s not supposed to be on her back much. Part of the reason why her wakeup game is bad.

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Not all characters have a wakeup. Thunder doesn’t without meter, Wulf doesn’t without meter, Maya doesn’t without meter, Sadira has a meter out that allows her a followup to try and stay safe. So it’s just part of her play you have to get used to. Cinder is also an airial character, he has a wakeup but it is extremely unsafe and a full combo punish by anyone. Sadira’s wake up isn’t always a FC punish.

But every time I get knocked down in the corner of the arenas, if the opponent keeps pressing mid kick low, this takes any move from Sadira, if there was a wake up I had some frames of advantage would be good … Not to mention that those would be nice Movements.

Considering how nasty she can be and annoying for me to fight I think this is a fairly reasonable weakness.

Much like Riptor which has not-to great wake up but playstyle is highly offence base. Sadira’s a little similar in that way to.

simplest thing to do is to keep blocking for now until you get an opening and use your attacks to get a leverage on your opponent.

Who do you usually have issues with in this situation? (as in who were you fighting?)

Fulgore, Thunder. SABREWULF is SO REALLY hard to escape. Riptor and her flames in the floor and jump HP. Orchid sometimes.

Sadira is a high mobility character that is incredibly hard to pin down. She has several options that allow her to change her in air trajectory as well as make several character’s lives miserable.

Because of this she has a poor wake up game, as this is the only means for many characters to really hurt her.

That being said, her wake up game isn’t awful though. If she has meter, you can use Shadow Web Cling to evade incoming attacks. The timing is critical though, because if you do it too early, she can still be struck while she’s in the air.

Other options on wake up is Recluse. I generally use Heavy or Medium. Shadow Recluse is very good as well.

Another option is simply to block.

As a Sadira main, it is your job NOT to get knocked down. This means that you need to critically think about your jump ins and not just jump willy-nilly.

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This, x1000

Blocking should be the default choice as wake up option 2/3 times.

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since u guys are handing out advice like old Halloween candy. I’m going to ask for some and apologize for interrupting.

player “fubuki” uses Kan-ra and I was wondering how to defend against his setups. I always seemed to be grabbed with the long distance command grab on wake up and I get the scarabs or his jumping spin thingy which juggles by the way when done multiple times in a row. his set up are gross anyone have advice here.

They are rushdown characters, that is how it’s supposed to feel, for anyone. Even if a character has a DP their job being rushdown is to anticipate and bait it out and continue the same relentless pressure. Her wakeup game should be poor considering how hard it can be for a lot of characters to get more than stray hits on her. If she had a wakeup game, she would probably hands down be the best character in the game being she can combo from anywhere.

Thunder: understandable difficult for a Sadira player but hard to catch cause of her high mobility.

Fulgore: only good anti-air against her is cyber-upper cut which can only be done by f-d-f movement which is the most complext input in the game. You’ll be throwing your usual web daggers and if it’s blocked just bounce on his head with widows drop.

Sabrewulf: reall the worst is eclipse attack.

Riptor’s flame carpet can be jumped out of and aside from clever girl and shadow tail-flip no really any good wake ups.

All you have to do is be right over their head and you can win with her.

Her bad wakeups are justified for her good mobility and offensive capabilities.