Sadira's new toys for season 3

hey Web Nation, i notice our sub forum has grown far far too quiet these past few months. i notice our regulars have disappeared myself included. so i just thought id liven up this place and throw down a speculation thread as to what was hinted when we received sadie’s updated backstory. at the end it was stated she was inspired by the jumping spider species of arachnids (i actually looked up the scientific name that was written). what do you guys think this means for our spider queen? here are a few of my theories

-Jumping spider makes me think she might get some kinda command jump like akuma, maybe even allow her to get a 3rd jump

-maybe an honest to goodness wake up involving going airborne

-possible new air-to-surface attack that could also function as an air combo ender

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Maybe a sneaky air command grab.

Or an new ender personally.

I think it might be a stance that Sadira can go into similar to Riptor, where she leaps off of the opponent, like what she does on blocked HWB. Only similar to Riptor, depending on what button you press you get different options. It could activate by certain attacks like blocked HWB, Blocked widows drop, jump HP or maybe more

I think its to do with the air.

Like look what they are doing with shadow jago. Hes a juggle king. Id like to see more sadria combos in the air maybe even air doubles.

Maybe she’ll get a leaping command grab that recaptures.

if anyone saw the shadow jago stream, they teased a bit of information on a new season 3 mechanic called “stagger”. im starting to think that perhaps sadie may be getting something in regars to that mechanic. everyone’s theories here are great ideas btw, i enjoy reading them

Wasn’t it confirmed that she would get more air KV? If that’s true, she needs some aerial tools to go with it and some more options to go into the air from a grounded position. The target combo is so easily recognized and broken and when your opponent loses altitude, it’s the only juggle option you have that leads to higher ender level without losing the ability to use the ender.

I was thinking recently about her jump cancellable normals in instinct. Maybe she gets jump-cancellable air normals as a means of increasing her air juggle potential. Maybe even outside of instinct, just in the air or grounded when you juggle an airborne opponent.

An air throw would be nice. I don’t expect her to get a true invincible offensive wake-up but I’m still hoping her Shadow Wall Cling gets more control in that that you can hold a direction to choose the side of the screen she clings to, like Vega is SF.

Her two regular enders are almost the same. Maybe change her enders into a damage and/or hard knockdown or whatever ender and give her a recapture (Heavy widows bite?). Otherwise she would be able to recapture right after either ender. Not that I mind but can other characters do that without spending resources? I’m not sure. Such things can get out of hand fast when you combine it with instinct, I presume.

Oh, how about a ‘teleport/fake’ wall cling. She pretends to go into wall cling but ends up on the other side of the screen. Prolly OP as …coitus.

It will be her ultimate.

She will get a sheeva style triple stomp that looks like her intro spider like pose

only shadow jago is getting an ultimate, that was confirmed on the stream they had a few days ago.

Timeless, interesting theories, i think her KV was already changed however. i seen some fancy juggles in ranked because of it and i actually liked seeing it in action against me. personally, id love for her to have some kind of air combo ender the most and maybe something being changed to one of her old enders to give a property like a hard knock down as you mentioned, maybe a battery ender? they are the same, both launch the opponent > juggle. i mostly do the recluse ender and sometimes the blade demon.

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Or maybe a super web wrap ultimate

So I did some research on Saticidae spiders and found this.

> Only two of their eight eyes are normal size. For an animal with a small brain, their ability to track and ambush prey is amazing They calculate distance while watching their prey, then move to a vantage point with no direct line of sight and with a prodigious leap, fly through the air to grab their victim and immobilize it with a bite. How do they do it? It doesn’t end with color and movement.

So to me it seems that Sadira could be getting an air grab that leaves some damage over time, hence the biting thing. And/or maybe an adjustment to her web cling