Sadira wears sandals in a fight?

Whenever I see orchid fight sadira, I think the easiest way for orchid to beat sadira is if orchid swaps to her retro outfit then literally stomps sidara’s cute exposed toes with her heels. Easy win for orchid. Wear shoes next time sid lol. If orchid lands her foot on top of sadira’s exposed toes even once, sadira is done for. What you guys think?

Lol but Sadira could stab Orchid in her bald spot underneath her Halloween wig within seconds and end it all

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But yea, it would hurt like a bttch if Orchid ever landed her foot on top of Sadira’s toes. Orchid has some very scary heels in her retro outfit.

Not as scary as those bald patches in her default customization hair. Turn her around- behold that strip mall clip sew-in lol

I know, which is why I just go retro.

Fulgore’s low laser. Rip.

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