Sadira versus Gargos

I’m going to sound blonde… but then again I am a natural blonde… but what does TK H ORZ stand for? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tiger Knee’d Heavy (air)On-Ryo-Zan (the rekka move)

As a Sadira main, I assume you know the phrase “tiger knee’d”? (not being rude or condescending, I promise)

Tiger Knee Heavy On Ryo Zan

It means performing air Heavy on ryo zan as soon as possible off the ground


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I’ve heard this the past couple of days and aside from Sagat’s move from SF, I don’t get it.

That said, I’ve read through this thread and I’m actually happy with the Sadira vs. Gargos matchup (although I’ve never actually encountered it myself with either character, because I’m admittedly terrible with both of them - and not becuasue I’m an Aganos main either even though he is, admittedly as grounded as one gets).

The matchup makes her honest and keeps her grounded (and I do not mean that in the literal sense, like with Aganos, but rather the figurative sense). Since Gargos is such a good counterpick for her due to his toolset, you have to completely change your way of thinking and style when fighting him, and still do well, in order to beat him. The idea that you have to forego the very thing that makes her successful (e.g., jumping) to become successful, is IMO, mind-blowing.

It’s always been my opinion that Sadira is naturally too good, even after you could combo-break her in the air post-S1, because doing so is still some of the hardest breaking to do in the game. Thankfully, the trade-off has always been that she was hard to learn to begin with (I certainly have never truly been able to - and I dread the day I’ll have to play her in the RCT) and that doing so was the payoff - the Sadira player would basically earn it.

I think of it as a challenge - a way to really change or shake things up, and make you as a Sadira main, think differently, and ultimately realize that there’s more than just 1 way to play a character, despite her strengths.

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Ah… I get it. I tiger knee Sadira’s Widow’s Bite as well as her Web Cling moves. :smiley:


I still don’t get it.

The term originates from SF2, where Sagat’s Tiger Knee (among other specials) could also be performed in the air. The input method was to input the special, but end in the uf. position for the button press, allowing the aerial version to come out as soon as possible. This was preferred to the ground versions when using them in neutral because air specials recovered at a much faster fixed rate than their grounded counterparts. It was especially true of Sagat’s Tiger Knee, and so he became the techniques namesake, and here we are today.

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Most good Sadira’s generally will play a great ground game. For myself, I’ve never been one to do crazy over the top air juggles. I found that while they are pretty, most of them don’t do enough damage to be worth it.

Tiger knee can be done in one of two ways Geek.

You do the QCF motion and then delay the input (punch or kick button) to perform it OR you roll the QCF and hit UP and the punch/ kick button at the same time. Either works for me.


I was going to go for it, but again, @MDMMORNING and @SoSRaGnArOk beat me to it



Aww c’mon man, I’m always super late to the response party. I gotta get some quick replies in once in a while, it’s just the law of averages!

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You play Gargos… you already are the curse upon me. :smiley:

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Ah, so I already knew what this was (:arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right::arrow_upper_right: + :fist: / :athletic_shoe:) because I learned about it with Hisako, I just didn’t realize it had a name or how it connected to Sagat’s Tiger Knee (I played that game for years as a kid and never knew it could be done from the air).

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*Mains Aganos since its release, suffering against Sadira
Now that S3 is going to launch, I hope Gargos and Eyedol make it. I like both characters, hopefully they have good MU against characters like Sadira
*Gargos is released, and he counterpicks Sadira


I know it’s like Christmas came early this year! :stuck_out_tongue:

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A lot of people will also refer to the technique as “instant air” or “IA”, but I tend to reserve those terms for similar moves that lack motion inputs.

For example, I’ll use Gargos TK M.Reckoning, and IA HP, if that makes sense. It’s just easier for notation.

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This MU is bad, but once you get in it can be a serious shitstorm for Gargos, like other have stated above me.
Not saying your complain, and this may sound a little hostile, but if your gonna talk about bad MU’s talk about others. There are many other MU’s that are genuinely broken in terms of zoneing and getting in. Glacius>Raam is a fantastic example. With how popular Glacius is, I almost put off learning Raam. It’s just one of those MU’s that, when it comes down to it, is impossible and one sided if your opponent is skilled. You just have to pick a different character, sadly…
ANYWAYSSS, There’s a HUGE cast of characters and balancing all of them against each other equally is impossiblly difficult. There’s bound to be a few broken MU’s. This Sadira<Gargos MU is pretty bad but again it isn’t the worst.
Actually… Now you have me thinking.
What Matchup is the worst Mathcup in the game?

Don’t lie lol

At the risk of going off topic, I wanna say KanRa v RAAM (that one feels just impossible most of the time). However, playing Gargos v Sadira as Gargos, I often find myself thinking “this has to be the worst matchup in the game”. It might not be, but it feels absolutely brutal.

I have to deeply disagree again. Kan-Ra has the upper hand here, but this MU is not as hard as it looks

You think? I find it leagues harder than Glacius, mostly because of Kan’s mobility and his grab. Navigating his pokes and swarms isn’t the hard part, it’s not being conned into jumping when he wants you to jump.