SADIRA time to wake up girl

Hello everyone, at all Sadira players, you and I know that since the season 3, our black lady suffers enormously (for every level skill sadira player pro and beginner) yet there are very simple way of make her usable even by being nerfed.

I have five very means very simple ways to treat her (to Sadira players) they are not going to change enormously, but it will certainly help the black widow.

  1. the possibillity to have a stagger on the light widow bite (when and only when the opponentis stand on the ground) it could let us enought time of reaction and allow us to other setups, and this is only one stagger :frowning:. knowing that there are characters with 3 to 4 staggers + recapture +flip out +damages …

  2. To help make us juggles effective (since we dont have recapture in the air) it’ll be good to add the fang in combos (as manuals) this allow us not suffer from lack of level ender for juggles, because the fang is not an ender.

  3. Buff 10% the shadow recluse, in place of 20% which is been reduced.

  4. The damage ender should do 5 to 10% more damages.

  5. the web has been nerfed 85% ok (2 solutions) so give it a long time stagger (enough to make it really effective) or buff of 25% instead.

But please @developers @TempusChaoti @rukizzel help sadira please. I dont ask it for my own but for the respect and the love of all sadira players. :disappointed: at any level

@SoSRaGnArOk is there something wrong with my proposal ? so let me know

Also i listen all comment and ill answer to everyone. se yall soon

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Much of what you said falls in line with what Infil already mentioned, so its fair. Here’s what he listed below.

“Give her some damage back to instinct webs, a very small amount. It
was reduced by 85% according to S3 patch notes, I would change it to be
reduced by 70% instead. It is still weak but not quite as weak.Make the damage ender hurt 2% more on a level 4 compared to what it currently does (and change the other levels the appropriate amount).Give 10% damage buff to shadow recluse (it was reduced 20% S3, make it reduced 10% instead)”

The only thing that I think would be intriguing, if anything else, is Stagger after LWB. In most cases I can land any manual after an LWB strike. In fact I’ve been using this method a LOT more to great success. Adding Stagger would give more options, but at the end of the day, I don’t think it is needed…

The damage buffs though are needed. My goodness, even Kan Ra hits harder than Sadira. :scream:

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I saw this report of @Infilament :kissing_closed_eyes: i appreciate it, but I do not think they’ll want to buff the damages. this is why I have proposed other options. who could also help us.

@TempusChaoti please daddy :disappointed_relieved: ““Ours hart are black with pain”” since S3.

The thing is, Sadira is really good and getting in and staying in your face already, however where she is suffering from is her damage. She just can’t do enough of it. I compare her to Cinder at the moment, but the big difference is that Cinder, if used correctly, has a means to dramatically increase his damage.

For Sadira, all she really needs is better damage. This will make my life easier that is. :smiley:

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u are nope alone on that lol . all of sadira players are suffere from damages lack. but its like nobody care .

Aside from the damage nerfs, Sadira is actually fine as is, mainly because of the fact that players still don’t know how to get around her pressure and mix-up game.

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I agree. I don’t think she needs more “tools”, but better damage with the ones she has. I was fighting a Kan Ra and I was having to do two combos for the damage of his one combo and its freaking KAN RA!

Kan-Ra just got a lot of unnecessary buffs, to be honest.

I would love to see if sadira can do webs in instinct without have 2 push 2 buttons and get lockout for trying 2 throw a Web out and I like her instict but I would love it if she could multi Web in instinct like 3 at the time or something :thinking::laughing:

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i wish she could jump on the placed web so she can reach gargos there above.

Yeah there are many cool ways I can think off for Web use that would be awsome aswell