Sadira, the character that was meant for the air that doesn't have the following:

There’s something that’s been bugging me about Sadira, she’s an aerial rushdown character but there’s something missing with her. What is it exactly? Well, Sadira could definitely use a air throw/recapture. I mean think about it, she’s a character that’s meant for the air! Wouldn’t it make sense for her to be able to throw someone while in the air or recapture a character in the air? It might just be me but that does make sense. I don’t know, what are your guy’s thoughts?

I think that she also doesn’t have a wall bounce (like Hisako) unless you do that 1 special move…

That’s true, and using web cling takes too long especially when you’re trying to catch up to a spamming Jago. Either that or give her a airdash or something since Sadira needs her aerial movement and needs to be able to start things off in the air where she rules!

The only thing I think she’s missing when it comes to air attacks is more target combos, but with the KV scaling changes and the new Salticide move she’s can pull off quite a few tricks air-to-air and air-to-ground.

I don’t think giving her a recapture or air throw would be a good idea considering how much of a major buff it would be.

You do have a point, but I feel like things like this should have been talked over while the character was still in development. Right now while we’re in season 3 the chances of any real changes aside from frame data are very slim. But you do have to admit that it is odd that an aerial character that relies on the air to open up her opponent or as a primary mode of movement not to have something as simple as an air throw. The recapture, I can understand since those weren’t introduced until season 2, but the air throw bugs me. I never understood why Orchid got it and Sadira, the character that was meant to play in the air, did not get it.

Why should a character that fights in the air necessarily have an air grab? o_O

Air grabs are meant to catch your opponent out of a jump and throw him to the ground. That’s actually better suited for a character that wants to fight on ground level. Sadira can air to air for very good damage with her TC’s, she doesn’t really want to throw her opponents on the ground.

It could’ve been an extra tool for her, but I honestly don’t see how she’s “missing” it at all.

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