Sadira Story Ending 2 (How to unlock?)?

I’m pretty new to the scene, so I’m guessing there’s not much talk about story mode. But I figured I’d go through and complete it.

Season 1 is very bizarre. If you unlock the hardest ending you don’t unlock the (first or second difficulty ending). Problem with Sadira is if you get over 1600xp in a match you unlock the hardest. Oddly I can’t even figure out how to play/win 7 straight matches without at least doing that much damage at one point.

I’m certain everybody at one point probably had the same problem, but can’t find any info on the web (aside from trying not to shadow combo, which even when not doing I get too much xp in the match I ultimate Jago for the medium ending).

If anyone knows the root to this weird, simple and likely irrelevant problem I’d like to know. Hoping to complete the mural as a personal challenge!


It tells you exactly what to do in the character select screen. Off to the right there are 3 endings listed and 3 tasks needed to complete each.
What is confusing about it?

Which task are you having trouble with and what are the exact words for the task. I cant see it at the moment.

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I actually figured it out. They did list what you needed, but what I didn’t understand was that you could get 1600xp in a match and Ultra Combo Jago and get the 2nd ending (as long as you already had the 3rd). I thought it would only keep giving me the 3rd (since you can only unlock one at a time) and I’d never be able to unlock the second unless I scored less than 1600xp in all 7 matches.

If you didn’t follow that no big deal, probably my wording and I misunderstood how the endings unlocked. Thanks for responding/be willing to help.


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Nah it makes sense. In season 2 you can achieve all 3 in one run. In season 1 you have to do 3 separate runs. Wait until you have to do 100% combo breaker or 100% shadow counter lol…Ill let you figure that one out.