Sadira says Batman V Superman is Great!

Sadira’s voice actor defends BvS. More at 11.


This movie is mediocre at best. It’s cool that she likes it I guess but the verdict is in whether she agrees or not. It’s just an okay movie, nothing more.

Going to watch it tomorrow. Will come back and talk about it.

Well if sadira says it was great then I’ll take her word for it.

I’m going to like Suicide Squad and Wonderwoman even better. Espcially since their tone is going to be far different from his movie. I’ll give it a score of 7.5/10 no higher. Wonderwoman STOLE this movie. All the women in the the theater were cheering when she made her entrance. Which is good because women finally have a strong female superhero that will have her own movies.

DC should take it easy with their universe, they don’t have to be like Marvel but just for the fans sake please don’t rush things…

Spoilers, if you didn’t already figure that out

The movie was good. I’d give it 6 or 7 out of 10, but nothing more. There were parts of it that were just completely unnecessary (knightmare, cosmic treadmill, the Kansas mountains), and some parts that were just completely out of character (batman wouldn’t be scared of superman when he stopped reacting to his punches). Some characters were all over the place (Bats would save one guy then kill the guy next to him). Overall, I liked it, but there were some glaring problems that prevent it from becoming an actual good movie in my eyes

I really liked the movie, and feel that most people were set on hating before they even saw it.

It wasn’t perfect, but there was a lot the movie did well. Affleck’s portrayal of Batman was much more in line with the serious, brooding scary vigilante version of him and I liked that.


The movie was fine. All the hate it got was a huge overreaction. Going in you need to know this isn’t super happy fun time Marvel jokes every 5 minutes. It takes itself seriously and shows depictions of these characters in a realistic setting. It isn’t fantastical. It shows you that these people are real and the world would have real issues about these characters.

Batman was perfect minus the Killing but to be honest, I didn’t even mind it. His scenes were just soo good and to be honest it’s hard to imagine the situations he was in without resorting to taking them out.

Supes was good. The film portrayed a realistic account of the problems a Superman would have in our world. No matter how many people he saves from floods, fires, or exploding ships, the world will always perceive you as a threat.

I think the problem people really have with the movie is that it is perhaps the most realistic account of what would happen if this were real. A real Batman would need to get his hands dirty. A real Superman would have people hate him no matter how Just he is. This isn’t a Marvel movie with happy fun times action with jokes every 5 minutes. I like that it isn’t Iron Man that has those jokes in every scene or Captain America which needs a witty line in every scene. The dialogue was as realistic as it needed to be. It was a pretty big love letter to those who knew all about these two heros from the comics. Not for those who just watched the previous films and base their perception of what the character is off of them.

There were people who hated MoS because cities were destroyed and people died, well those were people who never read or saw any other depiction of Supes. The man fights and levels cities in most of his depictions.

All of you who say it’s less than 5 are crazy. If you hated BvS because of the visuals or Cuts you probably hate KI because KI is super glued together compared to BVS.

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It was okay, I didn’t hate it but didn’t love it either. I think it was too soon to do this movie, not enough build up for the characters for me to feel invested.

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I think the movie suffered way too much from trying to set stuff up for the future. The whole future and time traveling flash scenes were completely pointless. It’s like he popped up and said “Is it the justice league yet? No? Woops, see you next years!” Wonder Woman didn’t need to be in the movie, I was seriously hoping they were actually going to work her into the story instead of just having her show up and have a side story but nope, that’s exactly what they did. You could literally take her out of the movie and the plot would not change at all. Even worse is that she actually could have been useful, have Superman toss her the the kryptonite spear and have her be the one to wield it. It would have made a ton more sense than simply having Superman kamikaze himself. (Though I’m sure that would have just led to complaints that Superman wasn’t the one to defeat doomsday.) But the most hilariously jarring moment was when the movie completely stops dead in it’s tracks right in the middle of the third act so we can watch a psudo-trailer for Justice League. That whole scene could have been used as a post-credits scene but instead it just gets shoved in randomly and kills the building momentum for the upcoming fight.

I also

find it hilarious…

that Batman…

… types his emails

like this…

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I had the movie spoiled for me, but I HAVNT seen it. I’m going to try to give my view, in my situation. At least, on the plot.


I like the premise, but from what I’ve heard it’s a setup movie. Characters like aquaman, flash and cyborg all show up and have a “mini trailer”.

Batman wins the fight, which was almost obvious from everything they’ve shown. When the revealed the movie, they used a quote from the dark knight returns, specifically the “I want you to remember the man who beat you” line. In this story (spoilers) an OLD batman dons a super suit to fight superman, and he wins. The suit in this story is very similar to the one in the movie, as well as the power armour.

And superman dies. People told me that the plot point would shock me but, he died in the comics. He was killed by doomsday, who from what I hear, was shoehorned into the movie. As soon as they showed doomsday I knew supes was toast. At the end, it is hinted he’s still alive, just like the comics.

I’ve heard the action is great and the acting is varied. Batfleck is well received and Jessie eisnberg as ALEXANDER luthor (lex’s son) has been called horrible, but I think they thought he was lex.`

And I personally think that is where a lot of the negativity is coming from. In the recent years Marvel has seemingly conditioned many people to think that is what superhero movies are supposed to (or should) be.

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I actually found one part funny.


Just seen it. Not as bad as people say, also not a slam dunk.
Yes as pointed above…
Bathan can’t do emails lol

I enjoyed it! The only part I thought was low quality was the fight scene in Batmans futuristic dream. That looked to scripted some of the fighting moves.

If the ladies sitting in front of us didnt stink so bad I could have enjoyed it even more…but thats another story.

sadie is so cute in RL, lol