Sadira S3 jump problem

OK guys I don’t know if uve noticed it too but the second Sadira jump should go a little higher I think, because now there is kim wu who already jumps higher than Sadira single leap, and most technical from kim wu set in danger the spider woman . well now riptor spitting air fireballs too then please they should do something to enhance the sadira 2st jump . Please .

Her double jump is fine. There are already other characters that have high areal mobility, such as Cinder and Maya and she handles both just fine (minus Cinder’s spamable DP). This won’t change with S3. In terms of Riptor… Simply walk forward. I will use the same tactics that I use against Cinder’s grenades. They are a bit larger than Cinder’s stuff, but I’m not that worried about it. Generally speaking I only jump in on Riptor when I’m up close and personal, as if you are too far above her head, she’ll tail flip you.