Sadira S3 Damage Ender. KEITS

Mr. Heart… you told me to post :grin:.

So, after a few sets with EVO Champ and now KIWC champion. I did it twice just to confirm. Kim-Wu is just too short I guess.

Level 3 or Level 4 Web Cling Damage Ender to Kim-Wu while Kim-Wu was on the far left of the stage; the end of it doesn’t connect. I think the hitbox maybe to small for Kim-Wu. I didn’t even think about testing it on Hisako.

Hopefully, this helps.

If you out the @TheKeits tag in your post he will get a direct notification, FYI

And this ladies and gents is why we can’t miraculously have a release after they put out a playable build at an event. Still a lot to work on, etc. Nice find sir2step.

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Please use the bug reporting thread.

@BigBadAndy Thanks for the info

@DeathBlooms2K8 Thanks. Anything to help. There is always going to be tweaks

@TheKeits Will do.

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