Sadira Recluse glitch

Hey Web Nation… has anybody else not been able to use a Recluse Linker after a punch manual? As in Opener > HP manual > recluse, but instead of getting recluse you get the new Ender. I’ve already reported it with video and such. I was just wanting to know if this was yet another game breaking bug I’ve encountered that only impacts me or is it actually something that IG can fix?

Yeah I’m able to j.HK > st.FP manual > recluse linker all strengths

I can’t believe this. Another patch and I’m glitched again. I erased ALL of my data, lost my Year 1 special icon for finishing all challenges for a character. I had to freaking start all over. Here I am again… yet another stupid broken game. I literally just got all of Sadira’s challenges completed and now she’s broken again. I can’t use a Recluse Linker with ANY punch buttons.

I tried a brand new controller that I had purchased right before I bought my Elite and it did the same thing. I reset all button confirgurations and it’s doing the same thing.

Here’s a vid I created of the issue…

If you push the kick button with a little little little really little delay, you can do the recluse linker after a manual punch, before i’m agree it wasn’t necessary.

You’re negative-edging the punch button (ie, your release of it is triggering a special move). The reason you’re noticing this now (and not in S2) is because they added QCB+P as an ender input to the combo sequence, which was never there before.

Do a little test to see: when you do the punch manual, hold the punch button down (and never release it), then try to do the recluse linker. I bet it will come out.

I have no trouble doing recluse linkers after punch manuals. In order to fix this problem with your execution, you have two options: press and release the punch button faster, or hold the punch button long enough to get the special move out before you release. I recommend the first one.

That worked. It’s gonna take some time to get used to, but I’m pleased that I can pull off my old tech.

Btw… Qualified into Gold! WOOT WOOT! It didn’t help that my first match was against a random 32 killer and then my second match was against UA Charlieboy. :3

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Lol I took down Charlies Kim Wu with hisako. That guy is a mad man, he went ham so bad lol

On a side note, you should try working on your inputs. Instead of a quarter circle, you imputed a half circle. This will lead to a lot of situations where you think you’re doing the inputs correctly, but actually you’ve inputted something totally different

ive been messing up my widow’s bites in the air and its gettin me killed. gonna clean up that execution best i can as well. sucks @WebNRaGnArOk that you had to erase everything suspecting a bug and it was execution :frowning:

I appreciate all the support an actual answers. Since Infil’s advice, I’ve changed a few things and what he said actually worked. It took a few hours to kick in, but now I’m back to being the annoying Sadira that people RQ on. :smiley:

I think I’m gonna force myself to stay with sadira for a month. I can’t fight with her anymore worth a flying ■■■■ lol. At least I dont drop combos though, but I am missing widows bites In the air so bad from bad inputs