Sadira randomly faces wrong way after a cross up

Hey team, for a while now, Sadira randomly doesn’t auto correct the direction she’s facing after a cross up. This happened during a match with @TheNinjaOstrich a few days back and occurs frequently enough to be very annoying.

It occurs if I perform a flipout and cross-up the opponent. If I perform a grab, she won’t face the other player and grabs the open air. If I try to start a combo, she will punch and or kick the open air.

When I have time, I’ll try to add a few videos showing this in gameplay.

Shin Hisako has a similar problem with her teleport at a certain range, where the game thinks she crossed up for a moment even though she emerged decidedly on the same side, making her face the wrong way.

Yea this seems to happen with Eagle as well, mostly after his grab to flip out. A lot of the times it can get me punished if I do a normal or a grab. It doesn’t happen all the times but it gets annoying when it does


More or less starting at 17 seconds


The only word I think I understand is that “I died…” :smile:

I keept on saying “that bug is too much” (too strong) after it happened :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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