Sadira quality of life changes

Good morning fellow Sadira mains. While I’m certainly loving all the new tech that Sadira has, there are a few frustrations that persist to this day. Some of these things are glitches that have been with Sadira since S2 (and have been well documented) others are minor nitpicks.

Priority 1: Some characters are still able to walk through Sadira’s webs even when not using a projectile invulnerable move. Example: Fulgore is approaching me. I drop a web to prevent his advance. He uses F-HP (Spinning Blade) and rolls through the web and it doesn’t open. Orchid, Hisako, and Sabrewulf are also able to cross through the web without it opening.

The fix: Increase the hitbox of the web itself and make it activate sooner.

2: Fang and or standing HK sometimes faces the wrong direction during juggles. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens enough to be an annoyance. I think the issue revolves around Sadira not autocorrecting fast enough to face the opponent as they fall on the opposite side of her.

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For your first thought, I always thought her webs were supposed to work like that. Like Kan-Ra’s scarabs. Could be wrong, but it makes sense to me.

For the second one, every character has that problem. Dunno how they could change that.

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The difference between Kan Ra’s scarabs though is that they can be destroyed with common attacks. Sadira’s webs cannot. I’ve had instances where an alt player has performed an entire combo on me, while standing in a web, end my life, and then get caught.

CrazyLCD documented this in feedback.

Web size has been and probably can still be tweaked, but overall I don’t find it a huge issue. I find it’s pretty rare to have a “dud” web just sitting on top of someone or having them clip through it. The old web was entirely too large, the new one may perhaps be a touch too small, but overall I don’t have much of a problem with it. A little larger would be a nice quality of life change, but I don’t think it will meaningfully affect most fights or situations.

On the “comes out wrong side” issue, I think we’ll probably just have to eat that one. Not quite sure how you’d fix that one. :confused:

Sadira’s webs can be destroyed by anything. It’s either a bug or that the web don’t come into effect if a combo is already mid way through.

Lol. I take it back. A teensy bit bigger would be fantastic :joy: Having some poke at you from the edge of a web is actually pretty annoying :-p

In all instances that I’ve had this happen, the opponent was able to walk through the web and start the combo. Sometimes it will eventually open up and stop them, sometimes (especially if you are not in a corner) they will combo you safely away from the web so it won’t open up.

Hisako, Fulgore, and Orchid can both start the attack animation on the alternate side of the web, walk through it and hit me without it opening.

My guess is a priority system then.

Another nitpick that I have is SWC (Shadow Web Cling). I REALLY wish it would remain invincible until hitting an actual wall (on opposite sides of the screen, versus creating a wall, (often right where she left the ground), and thus allowing her to be punished for getting away from being punished.

You mean creating distance? But then it wouldn’t be shadow web cling then.