Sadira optimal (60%) one chance instinct combo

So, with 3.4 comes this ~interesting~ bug that lets sadira do some stuff that totally should be breakable, and totally isn’t. I posted about it in the bug thread but to explain here, when sadira does normal JC shadow widow’s bite opener it…I don’t know. I really don’t know how to describe what’s happening, but basically, it seems to be shutting down the combo system temporarily. Not only can you do two in a row without the second being breakable, but if you do web > manual afterward, something normally breakable, it isn’t breakable. The bug is really funky and gives her access to an extreme amount of one-chance damage, as shown here:

As far as I can tell, that’s the most optimal combo route. The damage will vary depending on what manual you use at the end but the overall combo damage is going to be in the 55-60% range. The execution is a little tricky, but not so much as to make it impractical to use–it’ll just take a little practice. You can also forego a little damage to use launcher ender and go for a flipout mixup.

The really scary part is that this is confirmable. Off a 2LK 2LK starter you can still JC into shadow widow’s bite and it works the same way. The main difference is that you can’t tack on the small extra damage with medium bite > web–instead, you do a delayed web after heavy widow’s bite connects, then manual into an ender. The damage is quite a bit lower, generally being in the high 40s or low 50s, but it still reaches level 4 and it’s still insane damage for a confirmable one-chance. (By the way, just for comparison to show how ridiculous it was, cinder’s confirmable one-chance last patch got close to that amount of damage on one bar.)

Just thought other sadira players should know about this and maybe get a chance to play around with it before it’s patched out. I said I wanted a damage buff, but this is a little excessive :stuck_out_tongue:

How is this optimal if it’s a bug?

Optimal until they remove it! Might as well do it.


Eh, pass.

ok i’ll pass the message along


Every fighting game in history has bugs as part of optimal play–at least, if there’s one that doesn’t, I can’t think of it. In KI, we are lucky enough to have developers that fix bugs for us, but that doesn’t make optimal play mean something different. If the objectively best way to play involves using bugs, then that’s that.

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Well alright…

Oh dear… They better take down that spider web post haste!

I plan to use it on you! :smiling_imp:

I won’t let you.

Well aren’t you a funny one.